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Thought it was like this, a black man and a latino jump off a building, who lands first?

The latino, since the black man was stopped by the rope.
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there was a black out in my street the other night!

so i went out and shot him.
#402 to #229 - RiflemanFunny (06/28/2013) [-]
George, I thought you were in court.
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I think you might have gotten that joke across more clearly if you had written "blackout" with no space. I didn't really read that right.
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If it was written "blackout", together, it would mean a light shortage, but the way he wrote, can mean both a light shortage and a black man out.
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i only read it as a black (person) out since there was space betweem tbh
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I didn't read "blackout" either. My thoughts immediately jumped to a black man and then the whole joke becomes rather horrible and racist instead of surprising, funny and racist
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Agreed, it just became "I killed a black man because he was black."
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