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#10 - damoclese
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(09/22/2013) [-]
Well I was on a church trip and I was in the basement of a reallyold Church in SA Texas with two other guys. We had been scaring ourselves for hours and I swear that church was haunted. We kept hearing noises and they made us jump. Then a FULL GROWN MAN WALKED OUT OF A DOOR IN THE HALL! He explained that he worked for the church, (sometimes they hired homeless people and I suspected that he might have a mental disability and just didn't know how much he scared us.) and he said he had a bed down there. (he didn't) . He was clearly drunk but we were way to terrified to piece it together. Scariest part is that he was fired years earlier for drinking and this church changes their locks every single year.
In relation to the post. When he first walked towards us and most of the time after that (I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do) I went into a surreal state of mind. Time slowed down, every technique I had ever learned was at the front of my mind and I felt in full control of my body. The other guys I was with reported similar experiences. We also didn't have any inhibitions of violence as in we all had an immediate response plan that would hurt him or even kill him and these thoughts seemed completely natural.
So if I saw Jeff, I'd like to think that my survival mindset would kick in and maybe I would even escape. Or just **** myself so hard that it would propel me into him with the tackling power of an N.F.L. Linebacker.