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Submitted: 06/14/2012
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User avatar #1 - lordderpington (06/14/2012) [-]
#9 to #1 - lexoheight (06/15/2012) [-]
nah, slenderman drives you crazy. then you either become one of his minions or mysteriously disappear.

MarbleHornets. go watch it.
User avatar #10 to #9 - lordderpington (06/15/2012) [-]
My sources say not to watch it
#11 to #10 - lexoheight (06/15/2012) [-]
only if you don't like being scared out of your wits. i personally love the series
User avatar #12 to #11 - lordderpington (06/15/2012) [-]
Im personally not going to watch it.
User avatar #2 to #1 - imamawesome (06/14/2012) [-]
I cant confirm that but it is a possibility
#14 - tiberiupopa (06/15/2012) [-]
I swear I had a very similar dream and I still have scars on my lower back just like those you have described, some people who saw that said that it's just something called "Stretch marks" I wanted to belive that, but now that I read this, I remember that ******* nightmare similar to yours except that I was walkin' on a sideroad to go back to home, it was dark and cold that night and then I noticed there was a "black figure" behind me, who was following me. I try to run away without look behind to see what or who that thing is, then I felt heavy, I couldn't run normally and the black guy was faster than me, it seemed that he can't catch me, but I was damn sure he will do, 'cause I was almost stuck on the ground. I felt wind behind me, hittin' my back, knocking me down, I started to scream and my mom woke me up. I love these kind of dreams but I don't think my scars are 'cause of those dreams ( yeah I had more than this one and enjoyed them ). Ah and yeah, I was something like 11 or 12.
#13 - midnightcat (06/15/2012) [-]
do people still turn on you?
User avatar #4 - YllekNayr (06/14/2012) [-]
Pics. I want pics.
User avatar #5 to #4 - imamawesome (06/14/2012) [-]
my camera is broken at the moment but i'll try using my webcam
#6 to #4 - imamawesome (06/14/2012) [-]
the resolution is bad adn the scars have healed a little bit.

the hit was more like i was being hit by a big fork
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