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When The Wind Blows (Nuclear War)


READ THIS An animated look at an elderly couple in sussex england after a missile strike hits england/ Good bits: /0:00:20 david bowie intro (song of the same name) /0:28:51 the missile strike /1:00:19 the imaginary russian man /1:12:33 goodbye....... /1:20:32 MAD (moarse code) /basic summery: When the Wind Blows depicts a nuclear attack on the UK by the Soviet Union from the viewpoint of a retired couple, Jim and Hilda Bloggs. The Bloggs live in rural Sussex and are confused regarding the nature and seriousness of their situation. This confusion is sometimes used to generate gentle comedy as well as darker elements. As the film progresses, things become steadily more hopeless as the couple suffer from the effects of radiation sickness. The film ends on an extremely bleak note, with them praying in their fallout shelter as death approaches. At the very end of the closing credits, a morse code can be heard, spelling "MAD".

Views: 6842 Submitted: 02/16/2013