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#6 - damngg
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(05/12/2013) [-]
How can a ship torpedo itself..?!
#54 to #6 - nickytheawesome
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(05/13/2013) [-]
MFW the ship is named after my country.
MFW the ship is named after my country.
#25 to #6 - anon
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(05/12/2013) [-]
Torpedoes used to be very simple when they first saw widespread use, often only going on heat or sound sensors, and if the torpedo missed it's initial target, there was a chance of it turning around and picking up on the sound/heat of it's launching point. Happened to submarines a lot during WW2, and to surface ships as well in WW1.
#9 to #6 - tomoon [OP]
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(05/12/2013) [-]
Who knows, 2 years later another ship torpedoed themself.
1944: 74 men died when the US Submarine Tang (SS-306) accidentally torpedoed itself during a combat patrol off the coast of Taiwan.
#10 to #9 - damngg
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(05/12/2013) [-]
Maybe they turned the torpedo rear end forward and fired... so the propeller motor would swim back at the ship and detonate...

But that's kinda retarded..