The Jester. . It came for me again last night. I was in my bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to force myself into sleep. I hoped t wouldn' t return. but I  Scary story Jester
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The Jester

It came for me again last night. I was in my bed, staring at the ceiling and trying to force myself into sleep.
I hoped t wouldn' t return. but I knew t would It told me that t wouldn' t stop
I' quit trying to explain the scratches and scars to my family members. They think I' m on drugs because
I don' t leave the house anymore. and I' m growing more emaciated with each passing day from sleep
deprivation. Not to mention the marks all over my body. leaving me looking like a wounded animal every day
Last night was like any other visit from the creature I heard the footsteps creeping slowly toward my room.
each loud thump of ts feet mimicking my own heartbeat and growing faster as my pulse begins to race
Then t stops. and pauses for a moment.
Knock Knock. Knock
The polite way that it knocks on my door really gets to me t likes to pretend that I' m ts friend. I guess I am
But not by choice. The door slowly swings open and I grip my bedsheets more tightly. Even though this has
gone on for weeks now. the terror" of hearing the hinges on my door give way to the slight pressure t uses to
push ts way into my room never goes away
I close my eyes and pretend ts not there I' m not religious. but I pray to God that its not there.
And then I hear t breathing. Long, raspy wheezing, in and out When I open my eyes, all I can see are those
goddamn teeth And the holes where ts eyes should be
Then t laughs. That fucking laugh
It wants to play. And I have to go along with t
The first time the creature visited me. t told me I would never live without t t told me that if I even tried to
get away or ignore it. it would find me where I lay at night and kill me. But after" all the attacks, all the mental
anguish. and all the scarring: that doesn' t seem like a alternative anymore
It comes for those that can' t sleep. When you toss and turn, t hears. When you count sheep, t counts outside
your door. That' s how t found me I heard ts gentle, playful knock at my door one night, and I invited t in
I was frightened by its appearance. but its soothing. childlike voice offered to play the most fantastic games
with me.
And I accepted.
This was the worst mistake of my life, and one thatl pray you won' t make as well The first time is always fun
The first time never hurts. But each night its games become more sadistic in nature. and more violent
Eventually. the only one who sees it as a game anymore is the creature itself. And t won' t stop smiling and
laughing with that eyeless head as t thrashes you around your" room. tearing hunks of flesh from you with
each swipe of its smokey. pitch black claws
And t comes every night EVERY night. I know it' s coming again tonight. I lust know t is. I know that I shouldn' t
bother bandaging my wounds anymore. because it Wwll lust rip them open again I don' t know what to do
anymore. I don' t know if t will ever" let me go.
I don' t know how many more times I can bleach my sheets to get rid ofthe blood
All I know is that it' s coming. And after I' m gone. it' ll be after" somebody else It' s always searching for a new
plaything. lust in case t breaks ts latest toy. And whether you believe in a God or not. I suggest you pray to
something that t doesn' t choose you Once it has started, the game Wwll never stop Not unless you do what I' m
about to do. Not unless you end it yourself.
I hate to take the cowards way out. but I just can' t handle this anymore. If my life can be worth something.
maybe t can serve as a cautionary tale for everyone outthere reading this Nobody should have to suffer" this
With that being sad, I Wwll now grip the barrel of my gun and stick t into my mouth. scratching the hard steel
against the roof of t as I shake with inescapable fear. It' s already coming down the hall. I can hear it now
So, with one finger on the enter" key and another on the trigger. I leave these as my parting words - a warning
for the rest of you
Fear the Jester. Ear its laughter Refuse t and ts games. Never" open the door Just go to sleep, or t Wwll find
you. And when t finds you, it will never let go
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User avatar #2 - thatguycrow
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(01/14/2013) [-]
Like a demented bed-time story. i like it.
#3 - colcrockett
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(01/14/2013) [-]
I would just shoot the damn thing.
User avatar #5 - suckamadick
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(01/15/2013) [-]
10/10 would read again, I liked the adjectives, well done sir, I do approve!
User avatar #6 - impaledsandwich
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(01/15/2013) [-]
Jesus Christ, I have happy music and a lamp on, and it's not even nighttime yet, but holy **** am I scared. Somebigassnumber/10
User avatar #4 - fencingchamp
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(01/15/2013) [-]
and there he was on the sidelines....IN A CAST!