Tears. I already posted this, but I didn't put it in morbid. Sorry if you've seen this already.. Friday, Hello. My name is Seth. I have been expiriencing some.. Tears I already posted this but didn't put it in morbid Sorry if you've seen Friday Hello My name is Seth have been expiriencing some
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Tears. I already posted this, but I didn't put it in morbid. Sorry if you've seen this already.. Friday, Hello. My name is Seth. I have been expiriencing some..

I already posted this, but I didn't put it in morbid. Sorry if you've seen this already.

Hello. My name is Seth.
I have been expiriencing some... occurances.
I' put some thought into it, and this oan' t be imaginary. Maybe paranormal.
I was driving home from work around 11: 30 when I came up on a hill. At the bottom was a man. He was just standing there.
I thought maybe he had broken down, but... there wasn' t a vehicle in sight. Even stranger, he was wearing a full tuxedo,
tophat and everything. To be helpful I offered him a ride. His only words were, "He killed them." "Who?" I asked.
But all he would respond with was "He killed them." I started to turn around when I heard him start to sob. He took his
hand off of his face to reveal crusted blood running down his eyes. "Please don' t leave me," he pleaded. He then began to
shout in anger. I ran to my car and drove home immediately. I locked my doors and sat in bed for hours. I finally
closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.
I awoke in a cold sweat. I had no memory ofthe dream I had had the night before. That was probably for the best.
It was around 4: 00 due to my lack of sleep the night before. I noticed I was feeling... angry, and a bit depressed.
I called some friends and had them over, never letting on that I was feeling off. Maybe I wasjust getting sick. I
guess I' ll find out tommorrow.
Today, I woke up feeling myself again. The incedent with that man was just an odd happening, maybe a prank or something.
At ' s what I thought before I went to shave. cm my cheek was a hand print. In blood. It looked as if someone
or something was cradling me in my sleep. I washed it off and hoped, no, prayed that it was my imagination. I spent the
rest of the day in my home with the doors locked. I felt as if I was being watched the whole day. Worst of all, I kept
seeing something out of the corner of my eye in the window. In the back of my mind I knew it was him. I didn' t want
to believe it, but i knew. The words rang in my head. "He killed them." I don' t know who the man was talking about, but
I have a feeling I don' t want to know.
I awoke today, again, in a cold sweat. Only this time I remember every aspect of the dream. I was alone, in some dark
place. My parents were lying beside me. Dead. The man from the side of the road was standing by their bodies, holding
a knife, and looking off to the distance. I could barely make out his face, but I saw the same dried blood on his eyes.
His eyes darted at me. He then spoke in a shrill, raspy voice, "Me." On my way home from work I drove by the place
I first spotted him at. He was gone.
I got a phone call today. It was my sister. She said she needed me to come to her house immediately. I made the
short trip to her house, and when I arrived she gave me horrible news. Our parents were found in their home, stabbed
seven times in the chest each. After a couple of hours of crying and going through family photos, I realized that this
was the first real emotion other than fear that I had felt since the incedent. That was until she told me something
that shocked me. She said a man has been watching seethrough newwindow at night. He looked as if he were crying
tears of blood. He also was dressed in formal attire. I told her I needed to leave. She only said one thing as I left
Please don' t leave me."
They' re all dead. My sister was found dead today. They haven' t found the culprit, but I know they won' t. HE did it.
I had the dream again last night, except, my sister was the one he was standing above. I was woken up by the phone call
that was informing me of my sister' s death. I drove to the spot where I first saw the man. I then sat down and cried.
I' been crying a lot actually. So much that it hurts. I' m just so... lonely.
I know it' s been a week since I' updated but, I' been... sad. Every day since last week I' been visiting that spot
near the road. I' been walking there actually. I' nojust go there and cry. Hard. Very few cars go through there
so it' s very private. I' m typing this as I get ready for my sister' s funeral. I' picked out a tuxedo and everything.
I think I' ll stop by the spot and get a bit of this sadness out of my system before I go to the funeral. I will probably
look silly, a man in a tux, crying on the side of the road.
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#5 - indierror
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(09/08/2013) [-]
Damn I kinda called it being him, but a really good creepasta.
User avatar #4 - scoobi
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(08/05/2013) [-]
This is days late but that was very interesting and cool.
User avatar #3 - pelleon
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(08/04/2013) [-]
that was just great very good!
User avatar #2 - clifford
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(07/31/2013) [-]
Saved and thumbed!
#1 - anon id: 99c5915d
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(07/30/2013) [-]
Dark grey on black? Why not black on black?