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There are thousands of cases of children claiming past lives, on islands or in places that they themselves, and the family, have never heard of. It usually stops at the age of 4-5 but can continue. I personally know a guy, and his parents swear to this day, that at the age of 4 he spoke FLUENT chinese with a lady, he was never taught chinese, and spent no time around people who did speak chinese. but he could read it as well off something that was hanging on the restaurant wall.

It's pretty much impossible to give a positive answer on why this happens. personally, as a theist, i do believe we have souls and that the soul is more apparent when we are younger, but fades away so that we may become our own persons. I believe life is just a learning exercise, and you get sent back many times in order to learn new lessons.
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What's a theist?

Like seriously, I have no idea.
User avatar #609 to #608 - Keleth (05/06/2013) [-]
Believing in a higher power but not a certain religion. i don't follow Christianity or any other book. i think its all man written crap to control the population, which they did for MANY years. "pay us 500 pieces of silver and your sins will be forgiven"
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Like that one story where this guy meets God after he dies, and God tells him that he's reincarnated, and is, in fact, EVERY person on Earth who ever existed, and ever will exist. That one person is reincarnated over and over until s/he truly learns his/her divinity. Or something like that. It was a fun story.
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One thing I always wondered, though, is about the population increase. There are a lot more people on Earth now than even 100 years ago. If we have past lives, how do we account for more people?
User avatar #472 to #419 - burningsmurfs ONLINE (04/30/2013) [-]
I always wondered that too and I always figured the answer would be God can create a soul or there's like a source of souls that isn't necessarily a limited number just something we can't really conceive of with our puny mortal minds or some such. That's at least what I told myself so I could go to sleep that night.
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That's what I was thinking. Not everyone would have past lives. It's weird to think about, having like a "new" versus "used" soul.
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Yeah and then when the cellular memory theory popped up I started thinking maybe that could explain how some folks have deja vu or memories of the past. Perhaps some rare set of circumstances sets the cells to replay mode for lack of a better way of saying it.
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I think there's a story like this that my friend found on stumbleupon. It's called "The Egg" I believe. Same general concept as your comment. Very interesting and eye opening read
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i myself do believe in past lives. and i dont mean live only 2 separate lives like how ive seen and heard most ppl believe (even though in some cases it is true depending on how young the individual's soul is). i mean living countless different lives through out time (and possibly space).

there are some cases (idk if rare or not) where an individual is so connected with another life they previously had and if the individual does not become their own person then they will become who they once were again.
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Yeah, from what I've been told, that's what the Dali Lama was like when they found him
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