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The creepiest thing I heard was my niece used to always talk about things she saw that others didn't. She would always talk about the ones she liked, but she was afraid of the man with the scary eyes. It wasn't until I heard the story of my brother hearing a growl on the baby monitor, waking up, running to her room, and she said the man with the scary eyes was in there. Creepiest **** I ever heard, and I'm glad my daughter doesn't do that **** .
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I have a plan for her, and all the children like her.

They're always so cute when their young.
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My little sister (she was 3 at the time) also said she saw people, and how some of them were nice to her, but there was also one, a woman with her face on fire and a book in her hand. I can't really remember that much about it but it happened quite often, like she would start crying in the night and screaming for my mom, telling my mom how the people in her room are scaring her, which obviously freaked out my mother as well. One thing that I clearly remember though, is one night when I was babysitting my sister when my mother was out drinking, my sister started crying and shouting for me, and I came into her room and she told me "the bad lady is in here" and I sat down on my sisters bed and hugged her and asked where the bad lady was, and she responded "she is right in front of you and she is looking at you now". I pretty much sat up the rest of the night watching movies because I was scared ******** and couldn't think about the idea of sleeping (I was 13 at the time). I got a few more creepy stories about stuff that has happened it our house if anyone's interested, our house is very old and 2 of our relatives have died in it and my mom has even had a so-called exorcist in our home to get rid of whatever she thought was haunting us.
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Tell more of those stories please.   
i 			*******		 love those stories, creepy stories are like an addiction to me
Tell more of those stories please.
i ******* love those stories, creepy stories are like an addiction to me
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Sure, Well once I had a friend overnight at my place, and when we were going to go into my room late at night, right as my friend opened the door and had his hand on the lightswitch, we heard my guitar make a noise like if someone dragged their finger across the strings with like 1 second between each string, so we look at eachother like WTF and he turned on the lights and we both look at my guitar, and then not a few seconds later, it happened again. We both saw how each individual string moved and made a sound, one after another. There was no logical explanation how that could have happened. Also, later that night, while we were trying to sleep, just talking about video games and such, my friend was sleeping on the floor and I had a bed which was like up near the roof, and you could like walk under it and so (like a bunk bed, except it had no lower part) and all of a sudden, the voice of a woman quietly said my name, not once but TWICE, and both me and my friend clearly heard it. In that same room, a lot of stuff moved around and my girlfriend once had a nightmare which made her act like a possessed demon, and I can tell you more about that story another time because that's probably the creepiest one that's happened, and that room is also the one where my sister kept seeing the burning lady and all the other people. Needless to say, I changed rooms. Got more stories if you're interested.
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a possessed demon? was it possessed with a spirit of joy?
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Man your life must be creepy as hell,
My creepiest story i have to tell is when i was a kid i always played upstairs and and sometimes heard this voice quite loud telling me to come down and somehow i thought it was my mother and i wanted to come down when i told my brother we had to come down he used to respond with 'no she is not our real mother she will hurt us' or something like that but apparently only we two could hear her/it when other kids were over and i heard the voice and i told them they thought i was crazy. but when i moved i stopped hearing it and pretty much forgot about it. All these creepy story telling made me remember.

But anyway do you got more of that burning lady thing or something equal that one is pretty intriguing
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Living in this house (which is nearly 200 years old, 6 people in total have died here due to age or accidents) has given me so much paranormal experience that I honestly have started to like it when creepy stuff happens, but yes, I can tell more about the burning lady first. It started with my sister starting crying very often, but she would never tell what it was that upset her, then after a while she became very quiet and weird, we even took her to the hospital because she seemed so void of emotions, then after a while she started confessing that there are people who keep talking to her which she do not know who they are, and after that my mother got scared (she is really scared of black cats, 666 and all bad omens and ghostly stuff) and called a exorcist (we've actually had one here 3 times) which came over here and did some weird stuff, and he told my mother that my sister has some kind of aura which attracts spirits, and that our house is actually right on a passageway for spirits and ghosts that they travel through on their way to heaven/hell/something-like-that, and that my mom's grandmother is watching my sister and my godmother as well, but that there is one spirit that wants only harm with my sister, and he can't get it to go away. Anyways, my sister kept crying at nights and days and being scared of being alone because the lady's face was really scary and whatnot. At that same time, I think we had like 4 consecutive days when at morning when we woke up, all our clocks would be set at the exact same time and stopped, I think it was something like 2:40 (all analog clocks, not the digital ones) and we had one ceramic owl which was always moved to the other side of the table it was on, and then turned so it was facing the wall. First my mother thought it was just me messing with her, but after I continuously told her that it wasn't me, she got scared and started having trouble sleeping at night. Running out of space to type, I'll write more soon.
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you should make this **** into content like the Mc Disasters guy.
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Thanks for the idea, I guess I could give it a try in a couple of days :)
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Men this is better than anything in the post. Like, I don't believe in this kind of things, but they sure entertain me!
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Girlfriend story, nao
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Okay so I had my friend sleeping over (same friend as the voice and guitar thing) and my girlfriend, my friend was sleeping on the floor and my gf was sleeping with me. Suddenly, she started making some sort of moaning sounds, but not the good kind, more like she was in pain, then she started "locking" her hand/fingers, like it was like they became frozen, I had to force like 1 finger straight and then the entire hand would relax and all the muscles would come loose, and then after a few seconds she would lock her hand(s) again, like she was holding on to something. Okay so after a while she started crying, but I didn't want to wake her up because I read or heard somewhere that it can scare someone ALOT if you wake them up in a nightmare, so I just tried to hush her and hold her. Okay this is where the creepy part starts. After a little while, her hands started getting cold, and I mean REALLY cold, and by now I was starting to get more and more scared, but I chose to ignore it. Then all of a sudden, she came with her cold, hard-locked hand slowly (I had my back turned against her) creeping(?) across my lower back, and that is when my brain NOPE'd and I went down and decided I would sleep next to my friend (we were like 14 at the time, I was quite a pussy). I had no pillows and sheets, so I went to take some from my mothers bed, which was right outside of my room. When I opened the door, My 3 year old sister sat in my mothers bed STARING at me. I completely froze. I seriously thought I was going to die. She just sat there and stared, then she suddenly just lay down and started sleeping, and then I could move again because I wasn't as terrified any longer. So I took the pillow and sheets, with my heart in my throat and turned around... Now my girlfriend was sitting up in my bed, staring at me and crying. This is where I lost my **** and fainted. After a few seconds (I think) I woke up and everything was normal, except my GF was still crying. Didn't sleep that night.
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Damn this **** is crazy, Worst that ever happened to me: I was sleeping over at a friend's house when I was 10, I think, and we're sitting there watching some movie, then out of the corner of my Eye i see a little girl, When I actually looked, she had hundreds of cuts all over her body, and A smile slightly too big, holding a knife. I freaked out and and the moment I blinked She was gone. That was the last time I stayed over at that house, mostly because thee was a fire and my friend had to move out.
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She was staring at you while crying? That's a really creepy thought, jesus christ. Thanks for sharing dude, that's some weird 			****		.   
I hope for your sake those things were just
She was staring at you while crying? That's a really creepy thought, jesus christ. Thanks for sharing dude, that's some weird **** .

I hope for your sake those things were just
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You're living a scary ass life
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however, the one with the voices might have been your friend ******* with you...

i remember i did that to one of my friends at a sleepover. He asked me if i heard the sounds i made, and i said no. He could not sleep the rest of the night....i told him the day after.
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Yeah I guess so but the angle the voice came from was nowhere near my friend and we were in the middle of a conversation when the voice interrupted us and it sounded nothing like my friend, and I suppose it could have been him, but I prefer to think that it wasn't him.
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Allright that is just... no.
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Well, I guess I'm not having kids
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My sister would point out people "with long necks" that we couldn't see back when she was 2-4. Children scare the **** out of me sometimes.
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Maybe she could see ghosts, but only the ghosts of giraffes.
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