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Everyone is posting about creepy **** that happened to them as a kid.
Here's mine
> Be 18 now
> Lived in same house all my life
> Always interested in ghost ********
> Everything silent for years
> Dad uncovers a creepy painting on the wall of the storage room behind a bunch of shelves (was painted on direct concrete, would post pics but they painted over it next day)
> Start hearing sounds of people talking
>Sister always comes home late so assume it's her
> Check for her car
> Hear what sounds like conversations in the vents and scratching on the walls above the floor vents
> No sign of animal or bug infestation
> Every night since the conversations start, feel pushing on my bed when I'm trying to sleep
> One morning making breakfast before class
> Here the ungodly creaking of my bed frame upstairs
> Think it's the fiance
> Fiance comes around the corner fresh out of the shower
> Still hear creaking
> NOPE.jpg for the next forever