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A load freaky **** happened to me when I was a kid, around 4-5. I used to get told by mum to go get ready for bed, meaning brush my teeth and go toilet and get changed. I used to go upstairs and bathroom is directly ahead once you reach the top. I did whatever and come out. There are stairs ahead of me, a wooden barrister (if that's the word) and a little walkway to get to other rooms and attic. On the side of the wooden barrister to get to the other rooms I used to see a few people standing there. Moaning and looking at me. I had never seen these people before in my life. They had blood on their face and clothes and cuts all over. I used to shoot down the stairs to my parents which would at times comfort me and at times within a blink of an eye they would turn on me, as you see in movies where you are drugged and its all blurry apart from their faces which are right in your face. They would scream at me saying they were going to kill me and then I'd blink and everything would be fine again. The people I used to see happened every single day for about a year or even maybe more. Yeah pretty ****** up, also have more stories if people interested
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You ******* little **** , I was reading these like they were nothing, and then all the goddamn doors in the downstairs shake furiously making me damn near **** in my bed.

Just the postman knocking on the front door, but still.

Nice stories...maybe not for you, but still.
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is there by any chance u are a malaysian?
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Nope, British Pakistani and also muslim and no I'm not a terrorist :)
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you mean banister xx Thanks for your story though :)
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very interested. If you put more time into writing these stories it could be some scary **** .
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Yeah was some ****** up **** , I'll tell you one about my great grandad, my mums mums dad, grandmas dad basically. He had passed away and prior to this he would always play with me and like bite my ear or hand, I was a child then. A little background info, he was paralyzed from the waist down and had a bed in the front room downstairs. He also used to have a chair which he'd sit in time to time. He passed away and around 6 weeks later coming inside my grandmas house from playing football for a glass of water there's nobody in the room. I look towards his chair and their he is sitting back, just looking right into my eyes and following me as I slowly move, me being scared ******** I ran into the kitchen, brushed it off, got my water and went back out. Come back in later on yet again for another glass of water and I see him in his chair again. Just following me with his eyes and I run like a ******* again. Was around 10-11 at the time. Thinking back on it I wished I had chat to him, to see if he responded but at that time, all that goes through your head is ghosts, go close and try to communicate and they make some scary ass face and move towards you.
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Alright I used to smoke weed at a point and came home stoned one day and went straight upstairs to get the smell off me and check my eyes to see how ****** I looked. My brother who mas maybe 2-3 at the time just comes up to me and says (I'm muslim btw) "Allah gonna put you on fire". Me being stoned and weed being haram was **** scared. I asked him what he said again to make sure I heard right, and he says it again "Allah gonna put you on fire" the little ****** laughs and runs off. Not really scary but I was **** scared hahahaha
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Wow, i have a little sister she's about 7 now. I remember in our old house, she had these imaginary friends. (Like most children) She was quite a lonely child due to us living in an isolated town 100 population. Anyways she would always come up with weird ******* names. KHA-JA. One day i was taking care of her she was about 4 at the time, and she laughs and goes "Look Kha-jas behind you!" It scared the **** out of me because behind me was a dark hallway...
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Well at my grandmas house one day and when my baby bro was just little, couldnt even talk at that point. Anyways mum was walking to grandmas and once she got their she seemed freaked out. We asked her what happened and she was like we was walking and got under the big tree near the field and he just started waving at someone. She looked back and no one was there. She asked him who's he waving at and he just pointed and waved. She got his head onto her chest so he couldn't look back and got to grandmas as fast as she could. We have these things called jinns in our religion. We believe it and they're basically ghosts but bastard ghosts in a sense. Can possess you and etc. Worth reading into and some freaky **** .
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I'll look into that later on tonight. Yea as a kid i was weird as **** , at my dad's house www.zillow.com/homedetails/17-Donworth-St-Stockholm-ME-04783/84886525_zpid/ < Not sure if we are a loud to post urls. It's creepy as **** there though and so pretty much i would make faces of stuff as a kid and there was a birch tree outside my window and it was in the face of a cat. But only i could see it, and i would talk to it. Years later i forgot it about and when my younger sister came into my room she goes "Looks Katie it's a cat!" And points at it. Just creeped me out a lot
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I would buy that house if I could. I would have to refurbish it, but I would feel bad. My childhood home was refurbished for no good reason, and I find it offensive.
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Outside it looks scary as **** . Like some murderers torture house haha, but what I dont like is that it's surrounded by trees... Yeah another thing is jinns usually are around trees and blah blah but yeah that's what would freak me out the most, the trees, sounds daft I know.. But yeah as a kid I was **** scared of the dark. Always end up making out faces in my room and once I turned my light off I'd shoot into the bed and cover my head. Ultimate protection against anything scary when you're a kid.
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Yep pretty much, and at my dad's house he showed me a lot of scary movies so you can guess what that would due to a 6 year old's mind. I used to imagine a red golem laying under my bed. Just waiting for my foot to dangle and for him to grab it and drag me underneath.
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Watched the excorcist when I was a kid. The one with the little girl, old one, think it was made in the 80's. The only scary movie that actually ******* scared me... Couldn't sleep for weeks, everytime I closed my eyes I'd picture her face.. Still don't like looking at it hahaha but don't phase me no more. Pics the girl from the excorcist movie btw <---
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Damn you are your picture, that was the image of the first "screamer" I ever saw. Now I am hearing noises from towards my open cupboard, bloody hell.
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Yea i've never seen that movie, but jesus christ that picture scares me... It's odd though i have 20/20 vision. But everytime i look away from that picture i swear it's like crawling out....
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You gotta watch that movie! Literally the only movie that has actually scared me... Seen it a few times again when I was a little older but didn't scare me much but then again I've seen it already and know what's gonna come up. But worth the watch if you want a good scare. Make sure to watch it at night and in total darkness too for best effect :D
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Not sure if i want to, hah. Have you ever watched Gothicka it's more of a thriller then a horror movie. But that is one giant mind **** in the end...
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One with Halle Berry and the pedos at the end? Think I've seen it but like when she's escaping from the mental asylum and like runs to the house and finds the videos and everything. Anyways college tomorrow gotta be up for 7, been nice chatting and hopefully chat to you again tomorrow night :)
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Yep alright
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