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I used to talk to some soldier that was dressed in a military uniform that would visit me almost every night while I was in bed. He'd just stand at the foot of the bed and talk to me, tell me stories and whatnot.
Later on I recounted this to my mom who was like "Oh I guess he has an imaginary friend" until she talked to my great-aunt. Apparently, I was describing exactly what my Great-great uncle Jack Vosper, looked like and the stories matched up.He was part of a British artillery contingent in World War 1. He died in the trenches during the Battle of Ypres in Belgium.
What gets even more freaky is late last year I was going through some old...old old old letters from back then. I found the last one he sent to his sister before he went into the trenches where he'd die.... "They're sending us into the trenches soon. Don't worry about me, Gerty, I'll be home soon."
A few weeks later I swear to **** I heard a ghost or something talk to me. I was over at my friend's place and had to pretty much watch the house while she was running errands since she didn't have a key for the place yet(They had just moved in). So I was just chilling there, sitting on the floor leaning against a wall. Next thing I know I hear some guy's voice, but there was no one else home, no TV on, no computer, nothing. I had this overwhelming feeling that the voice was talking to ME, specifically. But it was like it was talking through...almost like a soaked blanket, really really muffled, yet you can hear the individual words, but not understand them. The entire time this went on I couldn't move. I tried, I gave my damnedest to move any muscle, but I just sat there and could only move my eyes. I have a vague recollection of sliding down the wall and laying on my right side like that. Later on my friend is shaking me awake looking like she about had a heart attack, she told me she came in and found me laying there with my eyes open staring into nothing. I still have no ******* idea what happened.
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maybe you had a stroke
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that could actually be a phenomenon known for the fact that if you stay perfectly still as if your going to sleep but dont move your body will shut down into a sleep state but since you are awake your body freaks out and perceives anything as some random **** which can be creepy visuals or snippets of sounds that the mind tries to process as logical things
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Possible, my only counter-arguement is that something along the same lines has happened before this. I was sitting in my room, and I think this was...1-2 years ago, my mom, dad, and sister were out of town and I was home alone. I was just sitting at my computer playing BF3, when I heard the same kind of voice. This time it was behind me, but still masculine, muffled but could hear the breaks between words and the feeling that whatever it was, it was talking to ME. I even pinpointed where it was, it seemed like someone was laying in my bed on their left side towards my nightstand/reading light. As if they were laying there reading a book, but talking to me. I got up and walked towards it, still hearing it, and put out my hand... Now, my computer at the time was a heat-generating monster. It essentially served as an area heater for my entire room. Without the AC on, or the fan going at the time, I walked to the edge of my bed, put out my hand towards the sound and pressed it to the bed where it sounded like it was coming from. I felt the most icy cold sensation I've ever encountered, but extremely localized to my hand and about to my elbow. No where else on my body. As soon as I did that, the voice stopped and the sensation was gone in a couple seconds. I just...I still remember that **** perfectly and get chills.
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i think you got a new butt buddy, masculine ghosts are notorious for planting their ectoplasm is young virile men
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.............................................................If a ghost rapes you, would you feel it? O.o
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theres actually alot of stories of girls reporting on sexual harassing ghosts
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