OB's Story pt 7. -ENLARGE- This is the 7th part of the series, I hope you all like ;) Part 1: /channel/morbid-channel/OB+s+Story+pt+1/gyhTGtl Part 2: /channel/m OB Loves You
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OB's Story pt 7

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Day 266
I' been sitting here all day now. Waiting. Waiting M her to wake up. She' s been asleep
since I got here last night. The watchmen are Just ing around and talking to eachother.
I' m g to see her eyes again. see that she' s okay like N hoped all along. I don' t even
know how she managed to get here. Maybe she heard another radio broadcast. Whatever
the case may be, hopefully she made it in time.
Every lew minutes the watchmen stop talking to inspect Jess. They keep saying how it
doesn' t look good, but I' m keeping my hopes up. she saved me From these monsters more
than once, now I have to do something For her.
I Just talked to the watchmen and they left. I told them that I wanted to do this myself
since she' s my Friend and all. That way if she wakes up, I can judge whether or not she' s
okay... I can repay her.
Day 267
she woke up today. Her eyes were sunken in. Her skin was pale. I had almost no hope left in
me. When she sat up she looked straight into my eyes. I could tell she was in there
somewhere. I asked ll she was okay and she didn' t answer me.
I tried everything I could. I talked to her. I did everything I could From a distance. She Just
stared at me. Watching me. I think even though it had taken over, she remembered me. She
must have!
she stared at me For what had to be an hour. Just watching what I was doing and not
rig a word. she Finally got up all the bed and walked over to me. I don' t know why but I
didn' t raise my gun. I... Trusted her. she looked at me with those eyes and I knew she was
okay. she hadn' t lost her light. she must be somewhat immune to the infection.
She whispered something to me but I couldn' t understand her. She cleared her throat and
said it again I knew what she said this time but I couldn' t believe it. She said that she
loved me! She said she knew I would come here alter she took on. She said she had run
because she was scared to hurt me. Just like I thought.
I can' t believe how close I came to losing her. I think I love her back.
Day 268
I asked Jess to come stay with me in my cabin. she needs to stay in the Medical cabin
For a lew more days to make sure her leg is okay, but alter that she' s coming with me.
The only thing I worry about now is that guy next door keeping her up too.
I didn' t get much sleep last night alter all that happened at the Medical ca in but I have
watch tonight anyway, so it doesn' t matter. The guy next door is screaming as usual and
I won' t be able to sleep.
I brought my Journal on watch again. They really don' t mind as long as you' re watching
your post. Nothing has happened yet except for a small animal that tried to dig it' s way
under our gate. I had to shoot him incase he carried the infection, that' s what they told
me to do.
one of those things was Just thrown over the gate or our camp'. He broke into pieces
when he hit the ground. But the worst was coming. A large monstergirl infected came to
the gate and slammed into it. He almost toppled it right over. He was able to get in our
camp and it took 4 of us to take him down. He was about 6 and a hall Feet tall and
about 3 led wide. I think he must have been extremely large when he was alive
because From what I' seen, their muscles and body only decay as the infection wears
away at them. He killed one or our watchmen.
As my backup came out of the cabin, they started run g at him. He picked one of
them up and slammed him into the ground. He used is gigantic arm to swing at my
second backup watch. He missed and nearly turned himsefl around. I was able to get a
clear shot at his head. I took the shot and blew hall of his head on. He turned back in
direction and he swung his arm as he did He hit the second one this ime and he new into
the cabin that they came out of. His head hit the cabin wall and split. He tried to come
towards me, but as I raised the Barrel or my shotgun to shoot him again the last of my
backups cut his head clean on with his large knife. The infected monsters body hit the
ground and I swear it shook.
Ijust got home from watch and the man next door asked me to do him a Favor bedore I
walked into my cabin. He asked me ill could put him out his misery. I told him that
he knew I couldn' t do that. And he Just sighed and walked back in his cabin.
I need sleep. I haven' t had much since I' been here.
Day 271
Jess was let out or the Medical cabin today. she came over to my cabin. she looks so
much better but they had to cut the wounded part of her leg on. she didn' t lose her
whole leg but part of her thigh is missing some meat. I don' t care.
she told me what happened to her today too. she said that when I all asleep she
decided to wait a little bit to make sure I would be okay. she said that she ran as Far
away as she could but so she was still able to get to the camp in a lew days. she said
she got caught on a Branch and tore her shirt.
she also said that she liked the butt or my shotgun. I am proud of mysefl.
Day 272
The man next door didn' t scream last night. The watchmen said he left his cabin and
never came back. I can' t imagine what he must have alt every day, but it must have
been horrible.
The camp sent out a search party For him. I don' t know how it' s going but it doesn' t
matter, I hope he Fetis what he' s looking For. Probably death.
Jess is almost Fully recovered now. she looks a lot better and is actually starting to
make a few wisecracks again. she says that we shouldn' t stay here too long. While
she was on her way, she heard a broadcast on an abandon car' s radio when she was
looking For the one For here. she said there is a camp in southern califonia Just
outside of LA. that is looking For people to Join them to light back.
she doesn' t want to stay here and Just lay low. she wants to help light them and
make a tollerence. I don' t know what we should do, but ll she goes I m going to go
with her. I can' t lose her aga . She' s my only Friend left.
Day 274
Last night we decided we would head out For LA. For that resistance camp. we packed
our bags and were ready to leave. Jess said she heard a strange noise down on the
main bloor of the cabin. she went down to check it out.
I kept making the Final preparations For the trip down there. she didn' t come back For
about 5 minutes. I knew something was wrong. I went down to check out what was
going on.
The man From next door. He was standi g there with a pistol and he had i pointed at
Jess' head. She was back against the ca s wall. I asked him what was g g on and
he Just looked at me.
He said he didn' t want her to live without the infection. He said it wasn' t Fair that she
got to live Free of the pain and he has to sumer From.
Jess looked at me and a tear slid down her lace. I knew I had to do something. I had
to kill him First. He looked at me too and he taunted me. He had a grin on his lace that
only a madman would have. He wanted to watch her sumer like he had to. He wanted
to see her die.
I couldn' t stand to let him do it so I drew my gun up to level with him I told him that I
would kill m below he had the chance to shoot and that he would never Feel the
pain again I gave him a chance to get what he' d wanted all along. Peace.
He looked at me and sighed, just like he d that night.
Itsjust shook his head, and he pulled the trigger.
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#85 - bananabaker
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**bananabaker rolls 33** dubs and jess lives
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i support with all my support let jess liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ob i will suck ur dick if u do
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**blacknmild rolled a random image posted in comment #5061018 at FJ Pony Thread ** oooooooooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
**blacknmild rolled a random image posted in comment #5061018 at FJ Pony Thread ** oooooooooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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******* shut up and make her live
#103 to #102 - bananabaker
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else jimmies will be rustled..
#86 to #85 - bananabaker
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the gods have spoken.
User avatar #87 - cascarita
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For the love of Poseidon's pubic hair, please tell me he pulled the trigger on himself
User avatar #120 - Vward
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My guess is that he pulls the trigger, but there isn't a bullet in there.
I Hope. Please, don't kill Jess.

#26 - soundofwinter
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reaction of the main character [what's his name?]
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[We don't know yet] :(
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If you kill off jess i will hunt you down and murder your family.... amazing story though
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**rakstar rolls 88** ************
#73 to #72 - rakstar
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Holy ****. Dubs. Anyway, continue the beautiful job.
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good dubs ;)
User avatar #81 to #72 - pokemasterbaker
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Dubs obviously means that he missed and Jess lives.
User avatar #123 - flooperish
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He pulls the trigger on himself. IT MUST BE.
#76 - naodell **User deleted account**
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"and the gun clicked."


RIght OB? Right?

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cliffhanging it like a boss.
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