OB's Story pt 6. -ENLARGE- This is the 6th of the series! Hopefully you guys like... it's not too action packed because it's setting up the next one ;) Part 1:  OB Loves You
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OB's Story pt 6

OB's Story pt 6. -ENLARGE- This is the 6th of the series! Hopefully you guys like... it's not too action packed because it's setting up the next one ;) Part 1:

-ENLARGE- This is the 6th of the series! Hopefully you guys like... it's not too action packed because it's setting up the next one ;)
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OB Loves You!
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Day 259
Jess is gone'. she never woke me up ior watch rotation. I knew something was wrong
when she was Just sitting there, rocking back and Fourth hope she' s okay. I was really
starting to enjoy her being around. The only thing I see is a trail of blood leading into the
treeline. Something is wrong.
I am going to go out and Fatt her. Ii it' s a bite maybe she ran. Maybe she ran to protect
me. Iii don' t Fatt herl don' t know what I' ll do.
I think I' m going crazy. The trail stops Just i side the treeline. There are some scratches
on a tree but nothing that an animal couldn' t do. I think what scares me more than not
having Jess with me is having her against me.
It' s been hours. I' been out here searching ior at least 3 hours and no sign of her at all.
All I can hope for is that she' s okay and not dead or worse. I Just can' t bear to head to
that camp alone though. she' s the only friend I had left. I must keep searching.'
It' s been nearly 10 hours. I' searched wit a mile of our camp in every directs n. I
haven' t even seen a trace other than a small piece of her shirt ripped on a Branch.
probably ran 2 miles in that direction bedore I gave up because there was no other sign.
I guess the best thing I can do is Just get some sleep and head to that camp tomorrow.
I' m still about 9 miles out. I Just wish I had someone to be on watch tonight. sleeping
alone is never good out here.
Day 260
I have to recount the most incredible day I' had in a long time. Jess is still gone but
I' made some progress. I' sharpened a Few thick sticks into a weapon. I
have 5 of them and I think I could take a Few or those suckers down. When Jess was
here I learned a Few things irom watching her light. Like how to swing quickly and
stay out of the way. I mt of miss her.
Anya also took my shotgun and I carved the edge of it' s butt so that it' s more of a
weapon irom the back. It now has some slicing power as well. I practiced on some dirt
sculptures I made today to get used to it, so I' m not bumbling around when I have to use
I am leaving ior that camp now. I can' t stay another night without a watch. I Just hope
Jess is okay.
Day 261
I have been walking all night now. I am only about 20 mintues out irom that camp. I
wasjust attacked try 2 of those things about hall an hour ago. I t k I hurt my leg but I
can' t see well enough to check. I can barely see the Journal to write.
This attack was diiferent though. one came From the irant of me and the other From
behind me. It was like they had a strategy. The one in irant swung at me, but I was
able to duck. I took my sharpened wood and stabbed his thigh. I kicked his leg out
irom under him and he lento the ground. I got up and saw the other one behind me
which I didn' t know was there enligthen. I saw that he had something in his hand and I
panicked. I jumped back and Fell over the one that I stabbed, and then I took my gun
and swung as hard as I could up towards him. I managed to cut his head and hall of his
torso on with the butt oi my gun.
The one that was still on the ground started to come towards me was only
about a ibot and a hall away irom it' s reach and I took up the Barrel of the gun. I pulled
my trigger and blew the Brains out of that thing.
This time I took a souvenir irom the attack. And of course the only trophy I' ever
taken irom an attack happens to be a spatula.
Day 262
I reached that camp today. I got here and there is a massive amount of people. If only
Jess were here. They asked me, when I came to the gates, I had any cuts or
infections. I showed them my leg and they brought me in. I' m not infected, it' s Just a
cut apparently irom my iall yesterday during that attack. I Just got into the cabin that
they treat the wounds in.
I' m Just laying here waiting ior the lady to come back with my antibiotics. My leg hurts
but it' s not as painful as some of these people have it. There is a young man, no more
than 14 who was bitten last week. They said he wouldn' t make it past tonight, sol
want to get out of here quick. They already have the armed watch ready to shoot him
when he wakes up.
I' m happy they treat the infected, who are still here, that way. It keeps my hope alive
that we still have our humanity.
The gave me my melts and I am heading out oi here. I am going to see Peter,
the man in charge oi this camp, to get a cabin. I hope I don' t have anyone else living
there with me.
Day 263
There is a creepy man who lives in the cabin next to me. He screams late at night and
keeps me awake. I asked the watchman what was going on in there, and he said it
happens every night.
The cabin next door has a man in it that was bitten and infected but is immune to the
effects of it. I don' t know how it' s possible but he' s Just living with lection. The
Watchman said that he is in so much pain he asks to be shot every day but the guys here
that are studying how to maybe cure thi inaction need him to be alive to study hi
Tonight I have watch though. I need my sleep. I didn' t get much last night.
Day 264
I have my Journal with me out here on watch. They said it wouldn' t be a problem. There is
nothing going on. no noises except ior that man.
There was a small tussle on the south side of the camp, but I' m on the north side and I
don' t have to worry about it. The one common rule around these camps is that you can' t
leave your post, no matter what.
My side oi the camp was Just attacked t was a single one of those things.
It walked up and started slamming it' s body into the gate. I took my shotgun and
a shot at it to kill It all to the ground and I realized that it wasn' t Just a normal
infected. It was bigger. It s muscles hadn' t decayed as much. It got back up and
I shot another round watching as the rain of blood and Brains new From the back of his
skull. He dropped to the ground. The weird part was that his arms were still holding onto
the [mice and shaking it back and Fourth.
This was my inst experience with one of them that has not been affected try decay as
much as they have been. It' s muscles looked stronger. Maybe he was Just a really trig
guy in We.
Day 265
There is a rumor going around the camp today. A girl showed up. she was only about "
and she had a large gash on her leg.
It sounds too good to be true so I have to Fatt out for myself.
I asked the watch at the gate what happened and everything I' heard is true. They said
she is in the Medical cabin. I have to go see if she' s here. I have to see if Jess has made it
here afterall.
This entry was scribbled on the next page.
No. It' s not her. It can' t be her. The gash on her leg is too had.
She looks so scared and so alone. And there are 3 watchmen
sitting across from her. It can' t be Jess. It Just can' t.
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