OB's Story pt 5. -ENLARGE- This is the 5th installment but certainly not the last ;) Please rate /10 in comments for others! Part 1: /channel/morbid-channel/OB+ OB Loves You
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OB's Story pt 5

OB's Story pt 5. -ENLARGE- This is the 5th installment but certainly not the last ;) Please rate /10 in comments for others! Part 1: /channel/morbid-channel/OB+

-ENLARGE- This is the 5th installment but certainly not the last ;) Please rate /10 in comments for others!
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Day 251
We survived. Jess was there on the noor. Just sitting there g to be
mauled try those horrible things. I couldn' t let us die, not alter how Far we' gotten.
We' re only about a hundred miles From where that camp is.
I didn' t keep count but there were more than I thought. I only had a Few
rounds For that shotgun though so killing all oi them was quite a Feat N say.
The First ones busted through the window and crawled in. I was able to shoot the
First in the head. His head exploded into a million pieces with Brain matter all over the
wall. Jess didn' t even blink at the Fact she had some on her. She must' been in a
really bad place. I tried to shoot the second one but I missed with the shot. He was
able to swing at me but I him with the butt of the gun in his head. I rammed his head
into the wall and crushed it as hard as I could. He Just fell to the ground and slumped over.
Jess was still Just sitting there and I started to worry that I couldn' t take them all on
myself. The door hit the Hour no more than 3 seconds artery crushed the East one' s
head. 2 or them came into the door and one busted out the other window. I took the
Barrel or the gun and raised it the best I could in the short time I had. I took a shot
and blew the heads all of the 2 that came in the door with it. I saved myself some
ammo with that so I swung the Barrel of the gun at the one that came in the other
window. His head rolled on of his body. I couldn' t believe It hit the Hour and
shattered. I ripped on his arm and cracked the next one that came through the door
in the head with it. t snapped in hall so I held the shotgun up and shot through 3 of
them that were the door again.
one more came through each window when I did though. one of them grabbed Jess
bedore I noticed. I took the butt of the gun and swung it at the chest or the one that
came through the Eeit window. It hit him square and knocked him back at the wall. I
took the Barrel of the gun and put it straight through his head between his eyes. I
saw that the other one had grabbed Jess while I killed the East. I took my shotgun
and I put it right onto his lace bedore shooting sol rdn' t hit Jess. I blew his dead
s all over the cabin and all over us too. Jess Just lento the floor so I decided to
n h the job.
I Booked back at the door and bedore I knew it there were only 2 of those wretched
things Eeit. I threw my leg up at one of them and kicked him back at the wall. I
swung the butt or the gun as hard as I could at the other one as I turned around. I hit
him so hard in the chest that I cracked it and his right hall just hung all or his body.
He swung at me with his good arm and he hit me in the head. next thing I knew they
were dead and I was waking up this morning.
I asked Jess what happened and she told me that she couldn' t Just let me get mauled
on the floor so she grabbed her knife and cut the last half of that thing oil and took
off his head. She told me that she saved one of them though.
I can' t stop staring at him. she must' cut his arms and Eegs on. I knew there was a
rope hanging on of the wall near the small Fireplace but I never thought of doing that.
It' s crazy. she tied him up with his head and torso sitting on the noor in the comer. I
can' t help but think what would have happened if she hadn' t gotten up.
Testjust told me that she Eeit him For me to kill. she s itt she didn' t so that I
could get the East one. I guess it makes sense since I all of the k rig bedore that.
she says she didn' t want to take that victory away From me so I get to shoot him.
I did it. I couldn' t Kisten to that thing' s Jaws slapping together. All I could hear was his
teeth cracking nst each other making that awful sound. It was driving me insane.
I had to do it but I wanted to be as quick as possible so we could Just Ieave. I need to
get out of here bedore the smell of m g Brain matter and nest, make me any more
sick. I Just took my shotgun and pointed it at his chest. I shot him but he didn' t die. I
shourd' known try him not breating that that wouldn' t do much. so I took up the
Barrel aga n and I blew his skull apart. The buckshot shattered his head and the
almost liquid Brain that it spilled all over the walls and floor near him.
we' re leaving now and I can' t wait to get to Nevada. I am going to need a rest aider all
of this. That and Jess needs something for the massive gash on her Eeit Ieg.
Day 254
we can' t Fatt a pharmacy anywhere and I' m getting tired oi wandering through the hot
dry desert. It' s not too Fun when there are those monsters through every Kittie town
you get into. The survivors that have been this way must' taken almost everything
because we can' t Fatt any land anywhere. The water supply here is good though. The
towns must have had a huge reservoir because we were able to Fill all of our betties
up and have our day' s drinks.
Jess' leg looks the same as it was when it was injured. It' s not getting any better so
we need to find something to put on it soon. we' wrapped it up as best we can [or
now but it' s only a matter of time bedore it gets too infected and I lose another Mend.
Jess says that she will be line and that we need to Just get to that town, which is
about so miles out right now, but I don' t know.
Day 256
This is bad. I woke up and aound Jess hunched over a small pool or vomit. she' d been
puking all night East night and it' s only getting worse. I think her leg might be infected.
she is a Kittie pale and not so quick to look at me with a snooty look.
we are only about 20 miles From the camp so I hope we can get there in time to make
sure she' s okay. we have about 3 day' s load Eeit and enough water to East us until we
make it to the camp. we reached "Welcome to Nevada" signs about 2 hours ago and we' re
resting now. Things are looking up [or when we reach that camp. It will be a sight for sore
eyes, that' s For sure.
Day 257
Jess is starting to grow on me a Kittie more. she' s not as bad as she was. Although she' s
sick I still think she' s Funny and has a better attitude than she did. AND she still kicks ass.
we got attacked this morning Just bedore sunrise.
Jess took one or their heads and ripped it on try the hair. I' never seen anything quite
Iike that bedore. she took that head and she threw it into another' s head. They both
exploded with mush and neing skuid shrapnel. she cut through the third' s throat and
through the back of his neck. His head hit the ground and shattered. she kicked his body
into the tth one. The immage fell over and was getting up as Jess jumped and Banded on
her head. Her skuid was crushed and the liquid goo sprayed me all over.
I think I like this girl more than I thought.
Day 258
we' re only about 9 miles irom the camp now. It' s dark sawe stopped For the night.
we Just rotated watch. I woke Jess up and now she' s Just sitting out there with her knife
on her lap. I can see her From our makeshift tent we made From the bedsheets we aound
in the cabin.
Her leg Booked horrible when I woke her up. It was extremely red and it had blue streaks
exten rig outward From the gash. I' never seen a bite up close, so I am not sure if that' s
what r Is, but it doesn' t look Iike any infection that I' ever seen. she didn' t want to get up
which s strange For Jess. Ever since we' been trav g together she' s been up Just
bedore N come in to wake her. she woke up and immedeately went outside and threw up.
Thank God that camp is close now.
she' s Just sitting out there, rocking slightly back and Fourth. I think she' s trying to keep
herseys awake.
I' m afraid to go to sinep. I don' t think Jess is going to be okay tonight.
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