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#32 - iFail (03/15/2013) [-]
Idk about you guys, but this makes me a bit sick.
I've seen the video whilst looking at weird **** on youtube, and the little chick was tied up, with no chance of escaping. Then the guys are forcing the cow towards the chicken basically, as if it's been trained to eat it. Cows are herbivores by nature, it wouldn't do this naturally. I can't help but feel the motive behind this was to gain popularity on the internet.
I'm hardly a peta activist, I'm not trying to be a killjoy, it's just that this seems a bit cruel to me..
#34 to #32 - lordnerevar (03/15/2013) [-]
Why do you think this is on the Morbid channel?   
For 			*****		 and giggles?
Why do you think this is on the Morbid channel?
For ***** and giggles?
User avatar #37 to #34 - iFail (03/15/2013) [-]
I suppose so, but even then, my previous experience of the morbid-channel is creepy stories or creepy pictures. Along with the occasional aftermath of a road accident or whatever.
This isn't an unprovoked accident though, this is a group of sick freaks who are forcing animals into cannibalism for their own personal gain. I may only speak for myself, but personally, I feel this crosses the line a little bit.

Then again, you're right when you say it's meant to be morbid, maybe there isn't such a thing as too morbid.
#63 to #37 - itbelongstocat (03/16/2013) [-]
I agree, morbid doesn't mean inhuman to me ....
User avatar #38 to #37 - lordnerevar (03/15/2013) [-]
Too-Morbid-Channel? Seems a place I wouldn't dare tread.
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