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A soldier doesn't kill, he defends himself against the enemy, no man wants to kill another human being, and no man is truly proud for the other man that he has killed. Society labels these men as hero's not these men themselves. I also agree to an extent of "war is never good for any side" however, what about World War 2? Was it not a good thing we the USA (if you are from the USA) helped fight in that war, and help liberate the people that were being killed by the Nazi regime, or do you believe that we should have stayed out of it and allowed Adolf Hitler and his men continue with what they were doing at the time? This is all I have to say and this is my own opinion I expect nothing less then red thumbs for it. If green, everything went better than expected.
User avatar #268 to #252 - seniorawesomesauce
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yeah, 100 people trying to force communism on another country... It's not like he went out and killed 100 innocent people.