May 18 (Read Description). If you didn't see the May 17 post, you can find it and all future entries on my website: Otherwise you can find the last post on my p

May 18 (Read Description)

May 18 (Read Description). If you didn't see the May 17 post, you can find it and all future entries on my website: Otherwise you can find the last post on my p

If you didn't see the May 17 post, you can find it and all future entries on my website: You need to login to view this link Otherwise you can find the last post on my profile here.

As I explained in the description of my last post, I've experienced some really weird **** ever since going on a hike with my friends. I'm posting the journal I've kept since March that covers these events hoping the people of the Internet will be able to offer some sort of insight into what could be going on, especially you morbid-channel users.

Check Recent Posts forthe first part ofthe journal. This next entry is from the night otherthan hike.
Had I known how much **** would develop from that stupid trip, Iwouldn' t have agreed to go. Ifonly,
March "
I had to wait until my mom and Ray went to bed before writing again. They found out about the
hike last night, though predictably Ray was more pissed off at me forsaking his flashlight.
Cause my safety doesn‘ t mean **** , right?
But holy **** , what a wild hike it was. It was ******* surreal. So Roger and I are making light
nothings, joking and chatting about school, but the entire time Michael was being standoffish.
He barely said a word, except when he stopped to point out something he thought he saw in
the dark.
And **** was it dark. We had expected darkness of course, it was midnight when we set out,
but we hadn' t anticipated how dark the thick canopy would make the forest. Fortunately our
three flashlights together made walking doable, but it was creepy the whole time. But creepy
eventually escalated to outright bizarre.
After maybe an hour (doel trust me on that, Twasn‘ t keeping track ertime}, we
came across a trail marker. A ******* trail marker. As in a pile of rocks. We
were hiking in the middle ofthe forest. We were at least a mile south Trail and there
was no nearby. But we found a ******* trail marker. That' s when Michael started
acting even weirder. He got really serious and when Roger suggested we go back, he told
histo shutup.
We kept seeing those trail markers, one maybe every . Attell stopped keeping
track many we passed, Michael pointed out a light up ahead. Roger had said it was
someone with a flashlight, but it had the dancing hue othre. It made me feel cold. Ilold
Michael, but he said to put on atacked.
When we got close enough, we found a lit candle atop marker. We had joked
about the threat or bobcats during the hike, but at that moment I was seriously
worrying some hobo would pop out from behind a tree and stab us with a
broken whiskey bottle. Who the **** else wouid' ye lit a candle in the middle ofthe woods?
While I gawked at the stupid thing. Michael yelled at me to catch Lip. He and Roger had gone
up ahead and were standing in front ofa giant boulder. Olnly when I got close enough, I saw
Michael was shining his flashlight into a threepwood wide crack in the rock, large enough for LIB
to slip in. He wanted us to
That' s where the entry ends. I rememberd had to cut the writing short because I heard my stepdad
coming up the stairs. HI post the continuation of that entry later. I originally wrote the journal by hand,
so it takes time to type up. Also a lot ofthe pages have gone missing. Elswere taken. Well. they' re
gone anyway.
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User avatar #3 - stallwallwriter (05/18/2012) [-]
I'm assuming there's more to this story, I'd be interested in hearing about it. So far I'm guessing a coven or something?
#2 - thepenname (05/18/2012) [-]
Pretty interesting. This is in its early stages, so I'm willing to see where this goes. Keep posting, OP.
User avatar #1 - doccom (05/18/2012) [-]
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