Gateway to the mind. . ii -GHEI' ii IE aim urk Gateway at his Mirna In 1983, a team at deeply pious scientists conducted a radical trxie' in an facility. The sc creepypasta God gateway to the m
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Gateway to the mind

ii -GHEI' ii IE
aim urk
Gateway at his Mirna
In 1983, a team at deeply pious scientists conducted a
radical trxie' in an facility. The scientists
had theorized that s human with cut assass to any sen as at
ways ta stimuli would abla ta ma
presence at God. They that ths this bsness clouded
our awareness of eternity, and without them, a human cams
actually establish fantast with ass by thaught. An slimy
man wits analmad to hays "nothing as ta lays for" was the
only test subject to . Ta wigs him of all his bsness,
the scientists gamma a Camala: it in which awry
sensory to the Brain was surgically
Although the tsst subject retained full muscular
function, he maid hat ass, hear, mats, small, or fast. hath no
way ta communicate with or EVEN sansa ma mama
warm, he was aims with his thoughts.
scientists monitered him as he sacks aloud smut his state
of mind in bumbled, sums that he couldn' t slush
hear. Altar taut days, the man mamas to as hearing hushed,
yawwss in his head. Assuming it was an angst of
psychosis, ths scientists paid tims attantion ta tbs man' s
Tm days latar, ma man aread that ha cauld hast his dam
wits awaiting with him, and man mars, ha cauld
communicate back. The scientists wars intrigued, But wars
hat until the subject sansa naming dam relatives
at the scientists. Ha repeated personal ta tbs
scientists that any thair dead spasms and parents warld
have . At this paint, a sisal's which of as
the study.
Attar a week of canvassing with the dams through his
thoughts, the subject mamas distressed, saying the yawwss
wars . in salary waking moment, his
consciousness was born bard's by hundreds at Kaia's that
sums to ssays him alana. Ha frequently thesw
against ma wall, trying to shalt a pain . He bagged
the scientists tar sedatives, m ha cauld swaps ma amass by
sleeping. This tactic varkid far thres days, until he steriod
haying sagara night Errata. The subract said that
HE SEE and hear thta in his dreams.
Only a day latar, the subject bash ta sarasm and claw at his
sagas, heping ta sansa samething in the
physical warm. ms hystarical besat now said the yawwss at
the dsad wars rastaking and hastily, speaking of hell and ms
and at ths wand. At ans paint, ha sallad "No heaven, ha
forgiveness" far tive hams straight. Ha continually begged to
he killed, but the scientists wars that ha was class
ta fantast with Gad.
Altar anither day, the subject cauld ha langst farm
Santana's. assumingly mad, he stardad ta bits aft chunks at
flash tram his arm. The scientists rushed We the test
chamber and him to taem ED HE Cgould nat kill
himself. After s faw hams at being tist dawn, ma subject
haitus his struggling and scramming. He auras blankey at the
as silently streaked amass his face. Far two
Weeks, the bract had ta manually due to the
asistant crying. Eventually, ha tumid his head and, mantis
his blindness, made an fantast with a scientist tar
the that tims in ma study. Ha whiskered "l hays spawn with
Gad, and he has abandoned us" and his ‘vital signs stapped.
Thaw was ha apparent muss at death.
his bash waiting far this past to show back up an my dash for
Holy shit
I Ttwtt this so much
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