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Unfortunately, this is completely true. The piglets are castrated awake just as pictured in this video. Their tails are also cut off to prevent the other piglets from chewing them off. Animal slaughter is awful; but there are human ways of doing things. I am a veterinary nurse and we saw alot of this stuff in lecture as well as some labs. :(
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Chickens also have beaks cut to prevent them from attacking the other chickens so they don't bruise the meat. ALSO - we never slaughtered any animals. Some of the students were allowed to castrate the piglets. I declined this idea lol :(
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Lol I know I'm replying again, but I'm watching the video in between posts lol.
As for dairy cows: I have a friend who owns a dairy farm; all of the calves are taken away from the mother when they are able to be, but are not killed. Some are sold as veal calves yes, but not all. The 'mutilation' they speak of is ear tagging (which I;m sorry, is no different than ear cropping or tail docking in dogs) as well as dehorning. Dehorning is performed to protect farm hands from being injured. Some breeds of cattle do not have horns removed.
There are 3 different types of dairy housing: tie stall (which is what is pictured in this video), free range and a combination of the two, cows are allowed to move but placed in stalls when they are going to be milked. Most places do the 3rd option.
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So now that I've watched the video, my final thoughts are as follows:

I love animals. But as humans we are omnivores, and are meant to eat meat.
I don't like seeing these images at all; but I assure you all, that just like pet stores, dog/cat breeders and shelters, there are good and bad.
There are unfortunately extremely unhumane practices in this video; my friend who owns a dairy farm is also a veterinary nurse - she would never ever harm an animal.

I realize I sound like I'm on a high horse here, but this is something I've battled with for the 8 years I've worked in veterinary clinics. I am not a vegetarian now and I dont think I ever will be.

Hopefully I don't get flamed lol :(
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these are just the worst cases shown so people will become vegan. Most farms and slaughter houses aren't like this.
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Most 'slaughter houses' and farms in the UK and I presume the rest of the EU and America have strict laws on this type of **** plus i always try to buy from places where i know the chickens are free range and all the animals are stunned before being put down and are kept in much more loving environments.
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exactly, and most of the things those people where doing to the animals would bruise the meat which would down grade the quality and yield scores, meaning less money. Why would they do that when they could easily treat the animals right and preserve the quality of the meat?
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