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Fox News Fail


Was watching FoxNews...they were showing a car chase in Arizona. The guy is flying at 110 mph so the police back off before he kills someone. Police and news helicopters follow him. He eventually leaves a freeway, drives down a dirt road, gets back onto a small paved road in the middle of nowhere, pulls off that road into the desert. He jumps out of the car and pulls out a pistol. He waves it around like people are around him, takes off running, falls, gets up and points the pistol again like people are around him, runs some more, stops, then blows his brains out on live TV.

The anchor was repeatedly shouting, "Get it off" because they had inserted a five second delay yet still failed to cut away in time. Makes me wonder if it was actually an accident or if they never actually intended to cut away. You can actually hear when they insert the five second delay because it repeats.

Views: 23756 Submitted: 09/28/2012