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Fishing Hooks

6;,’ Defuq did Ijust read , shared -' s photo.
J Well, **** .
HI WEE Ml] T Mil}
Scream like an lil bitch. ..
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a “staple fishing hooks to my nipples and dive into
its mouth, no regrets
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Submitted: 11/01/2012
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User avatar #2 - Rikari (11/01/2012) [-]
I'm not "lycan" my options here...
#15 to #2 - hurrdurka (11/01/2012) [-]
Yeah, it seems a bit ruff.
User avatar #44 to #15 - gooblexgobble (11/02/2012) [-]
These puns are making my life a living howl.
User avatar #54 to #44 - hankhillofthe (11/02/2012) [-]
Did you really think that was funny you stupid bitch?
User avatar #87 to #54 - lupislord (11/02/2012) [-]
wonder WERE this thread is going
User avatar #151 to #87 - itsmewaffle ONLINE (11/02/2012) [-]
Is this the end? Whelp, it was fun while it lasted.
User avatar #84 to #73 - liquidz ONLINE (11/02/2012) [-]
That's what I'm talking about...

Nice desert eagle BTW
User avatar #47 - mishhooty (11/02/2012) [-]
question why my mother in-law showed up without calling first
#80 to #47 - yourtherapist (11/02/2012) [-]
people like you are the reason why i come to funnyjunk.
#68 - combatarms (11/02/2012) [-]
this is what will happen
User avatar #93 to #68 - wholesomeburn ONLINE (11/02/2012) [-]
****** SAVED!
#19 - galkawhm ONLINE (11/01/2012) [-]
Comment Picture
#50 - steelplatypus (11/02/2012) [-]
Crickey, that's a big one! Ima poke it with a stick!
#72 to #50 - phobicecho (11/02/2012) [-]
Steve Irwin always wore sunblock, but it didn't protect him from harmful rays.
#107 to #72 - bigballamike (11/02/2012) [-]
OH HO HO! It's funny because a sting ray killed him!
#132 to #72 - RisenLichen ONLINE (11/02/2012) [-]
Too soon :(
#48 - Metallicock (11/02/2012) [-]
Whip out my dick and hope for the best
#67 - zerodate (11/02/2012) [-]
1.Call Micheal Vic
2. Negotiate price
3. Sell
4. Sit back and enjoy new found wealth
#89 - garymotherfinoak (11/02/2012) [-]
This image has expired
Eat shredded wolf meat for dinner, because I'm the goddamn Kraken.
User avatar #100 to #89 - buthow (11/02/2012) [-]
let me get about tree fiddy

im sorry
#11 - anon (11/01/2012) [-]
>see IRL
> jump down the stairs instinctively
> use force of legs and weight to incapacitate the beast
> realize im tripping on acid
> I'm on the floor screaming
User avatar #3 - iwanttousenumbers (11/01/2012) [-]
Look it in the eyes and finish masterbating
#22 - itsmypenis **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#71 - TheForbiddenOne (11/02/2012) [-]
I'll stand there wondering when my one story house got stairs and then I'll offer it a soda. Or as the image says...
#26 - tiddycats (11/01/2012) [-]
Dive down the stairs at him headfirst for the greatest headbutt the world has ever known.
Dive down the stairs at him headfirst for the greatest headbutt the world has ever known.
User avatar #53 - SubjectThree (11/02/2012) [-]
>Strip down to underwear
>Wait for it to get within leg range
>Yell "THIS. IS. SPARTA!!!!!"
>Kick it back down stairs.
#119 - anon (11/02/2012) [-]
This is a creature not from earth. Therefor if I commence a battle with him we shall be teleported to his dimension. In this dimension I have acquired a sword and thus our glorious battle begins. However, we do not die if a body part is severed, for if so, we grow back immediately and acquire a clone for the severed part. Days, weeks, months, and even years may pass and our battle shall still rage on. The world is filled with our clones and there has been no clear victor. However, there is a way to kill each other off, we are to seperate each piece of the body to the point where it cannot regenerate. Our only option is to burn each other to death. Being man, I am the master of Fire. So within the dimension I quickly train one of myselves to acquire the ability to start fire with the little oak tree that had miraculously survived. I then set fire to all the wolflike creature's clones and win the duel. I am teleported back to my basement with my regular clothes and the wolf's dead body. I bury him as for he is probably the most worthy of adversaries of all you. Wolf, I commend your strength. 'Til fate brings us together again.
#143 to #119 - sirbustyabals (11/02/2012) [-]
That was ******* awesome
User avatar #45 - dyllygaf (11/02/2012) [-]
A friend of mine posted this on facebook also the other day, and a friend of ours (an asain girl) told us that she would rape the **** out of it
User avatar #77 to #45 - shitshitshit (11/02/2012) [-] your ass around that one
#76 - sgtBlackBurn (11/02/2012) [-]
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User avatar #1 - nimbin (11/01/2012) [-]
Convince him to plow me like a gold farmer.
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