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Meh, not really a big **** storm, I see a couple intelligent arguments going on and my rant, but that's about it. A good **** storm uses all the purple lines!
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Eh, he didn't seem mad, just annoyed. Thumbs are worthless, so I'll take my red thumbs like a man. Oh and I thumbed your post back to neutral, someone thumbed down for some reason?
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why do you defend obama so much. IMO he is just as bad as bush if not worst..
and don't give me that he didn't have a good thing to start with...
watch this before you bitch some more...
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Jesus Christ people make Obama take responsibility. Bush was a bad president, we ******* know, but it's been four years, anything he did could easily have been reversed by any decent president. All Obama has done is "stimulate" the economy (which every single economist worth their money knows that this entire situation is because the government had to put their dirty ******* hands where they don't belong, so they're trying to fix it by doing the same. Ask anyone, we need to fall into depression for all of this to get fixed. Capitalism will fix itself. But all the government is doing is prolonging our suffering), cripple our space program (call it helping "private sector space tech" but we all know that's ******** . He wants America to rely on the rest of the world and give ******* everything away and we should already see that. Now we have to pay Russia 50 mill per astronaut. At least.), force "regulations" (Which everyone knows are destroying us. Jesus Christ, every truck company will go out of business because of that regulation he passed that says ALL public car companies HAVE to get 54mpg AVERAGE in ALL their cars by, I forget, 2020? It's damned impossible. That means if an American company wants to sell a car that gets 20mpg then they have to sell one that also gets 88mpg. Totally feasible? He's trying to shove this ******** eco crap down our throats. Yeah, I'm for renewable energy, but I'm a ******* scientist, I know that it isn't ******* ready. Wind turbines break easily, provide a tiny bit of power, cost outrageous sums of money. Solar panels are extremely cost and space inefficient and cost a **** ton of money. We need to stick to nuclear power and hyro (where feasible) and continue DEVELOPMENT but NOT application of these sources. For instance, instead of saying all cars need 54mpg, he could have said they need to start producing thorium-laser vehicles. Which get 5000 gallons of gas to the gram of thorium. And are emission free. And don't break. ever.
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He increased the national debt way beyond that of any president (Yes, he did. Look at numbers. And don't rationalize what he did. We all know that's ******** . He refuses to EVER come out with a national budget.), and I don't even have time to go into the horrors of ObamaCare and all his other problems. He is JUST as bad as Bush, but what makes him even worse is that he thinks it's all a ******* game. He's taken more vacations than any president. When he was a Senator, he voted "present" for every single thing put in front of him except ONE that he co-created. That's right, we voted a man who had never made a decision in his political career. His opinions sway with the polls, and he just tries everything he can to look cool. He treats his entire presidency like a damned campaign. And the American populace just eats it all up right out of his damned hands.

Next. You do realize that Obama found a loophole in the system. They are called "regulations" and he found out he can do whatever he wants with them without approve of ANYBODY. That's right, you heard me, NOBODY has to approve them. Before they were used only in emergencies and for good reason, Obama has raped them for every greedy purpose he can. To shove Eco **** down our throats (again, I believe in heavy funding of the sector, but it's not ready for application), to cripple American companies, et cetera. And it's funny how I've never seen all that many bills being written by Obama and passed to Congress... And even if he did write a lot, they are being shot down FOR A REASON. It's not because he's a Democrat, not because he's black, it's because he's WRONG. You think everyone in the Government only votes based on party? Of course not, they vote based on either greed or genuine care for the American people. And they often try to find compromises where there may be some. Of course, Obama refuses to make ANY compromises. It's his way or no way.
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Now I'll admit Obama has done a few good things, every president does. But I'm telling everyone that we need to put responsibility where it lays. He was just as bad as Bush. And it's not a surprise, we haven't had a good president since Reagan (I wouldn't say Clinton, he just sat back and watched as the work of previous presidencies and such made him look good and then he gave our economy to China). And most of all, I want everyone to not buy into this "Oh I'm so hip and cool and young and black and sexy" act he does. He got 95% of the black vote last election. He got a high percentage (don't know the number) of the woman vote. He had Acorn and others picking up random people and being like "vote for Obama and we'll give you lunch." Vote based on merit, not stupid ****** campaign tactics.

On a weird note: Obama was born in Kenya, not Hawaii, it's been proven, but nobody will address it. He deserves to be sent to prison for fraud. The birth certificate PICTURE provided was a fake, it wasn't from the hospital that it claimed to be from and especially not the year it claimed to be from either. Hospitals use unique birth certificates to everyone, and people have shown theirs from the day they were born at that hospital which was a day before or after Obama, no match. His grandmother even admitted to watching him being born in KENYA. That really just rustles my jimmies. And he's currently being tried for using tax payer money to campaign, because his public addresses are constantly bashing other candidates, promoting himself, but not addressing ANYTHING of presidential importance, just makes him look good. Thank God.

That's just my thoughts. Take my Charizard.
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Thank you for telling it how it is. There are too many Obama dick suckers on FJ for them to care.
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You, sir, are absolutely right. You deserve many thumbs, but sadly I can only give you one per post.
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Thumbs are worthless, and the truth is thumbless!

Nice talking to you guys, but since nobody actually tries to debate me to be wrong, and just doesn't like the truth... I'll be leaving this thread...
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Didn't he tripped the National debt and lied in his campaign (2008)
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That AA-rating isn't that bad, there are European countries getting downrated for less. Unemployment and debts have rised everywhere in the western world, wether they had a leftwing or a rightwing government, it's just the crisis. The oil-price isn't Obama's fault. He can't new oil or something and he has nothing to say on how much other oilcountries produce. And the US has only 1 war. Obama pulled back troops from Iraq and the mission in Libya is already over.
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Obama inherited two wars without any tax compensation and he put those wars on the budget, which is why the deficit increased so much. Also, Obama passed a stimulus package, which inflated the debt for a short period, but was necessary and, according to economists, too small.

You can however give Obama **** for the NDAA and letting the Bush Tax cuts be extended.
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-Inherited 10.8% unemployment
-The president cannot control gas prices
-Majority of the debt is a result of tax cuts
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Switching to anon so that your leftist - circle jerk red thumbing won't affect me:

The Majority of debt is a result of the spending, you mean.
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People are disagreeing with me and finding flaws in my arguments and I don't like it. and think thumbing can change the outcome of an argument.

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I honestly do not see what is "faulty" in your picture that criticizes a socialist regime. If someone has MORE money that another, then they pay higher taxes (because they can afford more) therefore "equalizing" the difference between poor and rich as well as contributing to society.

inb4 the red sea of republican thumbs.
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The rich should pay more taxes. They can afford to pay more taxes. My dad pays 50% of his income as tax and I still live comfortably. If you can afford to pay more taxes then you should. It should increase the higher the income.
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The reason **** hit the fan in the first place was because there wasn't enough economic intervention. Look at how heavily Sweden, Norway and Switserland are regulated. They're doing quite well.
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^ **** , meant to make that Anonymous.

Actually, Scandinavia have a LOT more business and investment freedom than the US does, but high income taxes and more welfare programs... along with a considerably lower average income.

Switzerland has a high degree of business freedom too, and is also considered to be a Tax haven, along with Hong Kong.
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The US's household income is so high, because a small group of people have a metric ******* of money. Hence why it's listed under Zimbabwe with income inequality.

Deregulation of the banks is what caused the economic collapse, not deregulation of investment freedom. Scandinavia's businesses are heavily regulated when it comes to environmental and health issues, which is good. They can afford to give businesses and investors more financial freedom, because that tax rates are very high compared to the US.

Switserland was a bad example, because they mainly survived due to their banking system and not being in the EU/Eurozone.
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Actually, average level of income wasn't worked out that way. 1 billionaire wouldn't change the stats in the way that you suggested, it's done through state surveying and ATI, which they also use to help identify average standard of living.

Scandinavia's businesses aren't taxed the same way the are in the US, or to the same extent, and the regulations there aren't so much on finance as you just correctly pointed out. When banks loan too much, their interest rates SHOULD go up. If kept low (artificially, as the market would naturally push rates up), the effects of a default are far worse. Scandinavia may have a larger welfare sector and more regulations on personal freedom, but it has far stronger private property rights and businesses do not face the same restrictions as they do in the US.

Switzerland is a good example of limited government intervention, as is Hong Kong with it's even freer market (just compare it to how it was 50 years ago).
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so, are you saying the swedish system is better then? also why do you know so much about swedish economy, from sweden? and why dont you think the rich should pay more taxes? in sweden theres a ******** of taxes for the richest 1%, for example everything over 40.000sKR you earn per month in sweden is taxes originally 50% + additional fees that's about 5700 US dollars. Thats a system i agree with, i find it working very well and it distributes the wealth alot better then the system in the US. But if i understand you correctly you're to the right in the political spectra and think sweden is regulating the market correctly and agree with our high taxes? TL:DR inded sweden is good and USA is basically ****** with a **** economy and a extreme class difference
#262 to #121 - anon (05/17/2012) [-]
How do you know so much about the US economy? See, I can say that too.

But seriously, why right does the state have to take money away from someone who has earned it? Certainly the rich should not pay more percentage taxes, considering the fact rich is a totally subjective term, relative to the country you're in. But neither should they pay less than anyone else. The US attempts to regulate the finance, which is an outdated practice destined to fail. Elevating the poor should be far more important than tearing down the rich. Unfortunately, you can't really have both.
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i dont even understand what your trying to say.. both sides of the us political spectras are a bad idea? yeah definitly agree with that one but i think the democrats are the lesser of two evils since if you look what the republicans have done.. talking about bribes and increases class differences and making health care expensive as **** etc etc... my point is just the corruption is too ******* big in the republican party. Except prehaps Ron Paul but he got boo'ed down for quoting the bible and relating it to the irak war. **** all the retards who think war is something that is needed for the US where Bush and other presidents had private money invested in the manufacturing of weapons.. They should not be allowed to get away with it prison for life for killing thousands and stealing billions of dollars from the tax payers
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Yeah, any why do you think they're discarding his decisions? Because they WANT the US to fail? No one seriously believes that. Most of his solutions require more federal mandates and intervention, which ****** everything up in the first place. Although, Republicans hardly get credit for opposing federal intervention in the economy.
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Of course they disagree with his method (and rightfully so). What makes you think more regulation is what we need?

Pic related.
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