FAQ about my toenail. This time I've decided to answer some of all those questions you had. Links for the previous posts: /channel/morbid-channel/Fun+with+tooth fun toenail family games
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FAQ about my toenail

FAQ about my toenail. This time I've decided to answer some of all those questions you had. Links for the previous posts: /channel/morbid-channel/Fun+with+tooth

This time I've decided to answer some of all those questions you had.

Links for the previous posts:

If you wanted proof that I actually do have a hobby:

FAQ about my toenail and stuff
After receiving such great responses I' decided to make
an FAQ because you had so many questions. So instead
of answering them all individually I thought that doing
this would be faster. Enjoy.
Q: Is this photoshopped?/ Is that even your foot?
A: While I indeed did put this together in photoshop
I actually didn' t photoshop my foot in any way.
Well I' done my best to prove that this isn' t fake:
Wouldn' t you think that I would use a talent like that in
photoshop to something more constructive that this?
Well me neither.
A: First Ijust wanted to see how it would look if you were
to do it. I thought it would be funny because ofa post I saw
here once. Then I thought I wanted to share it with the world
and came to the following conclusions of where to share it:
Friends: Sure but I need to share it with more.
ychan: Well some would see it but its too anonymous.
Tumblr: I only have one follower there anyway so no.
Funnyjunk: Well why the hell not?
Q: Did you go to see a doctor afterwards?
That thing looks infected.
A: No, but I currently do have an appointment with one and
Inthere is time I might ask a question about what to do with
my toenail and as you can see it looks a lot better after I
removed all the red stuff. With the help of my nail clipper
I' been able to reach the furthest areas of my toe and was also
able to loosen it up a bit though I had to take some breaks when
It got to hurt too much.
Q: your toenails are freakish long! / Your feet are too harry
Why is your middle toe shorter than the others? are you
a werewolf'?
A: You got me on this one. I guess no one can have a
secret now a days.
Besides that I' m from Denmark so it is required of us to have
harry feet for when we' re going to invade Sweden again.
Q: Do something with something and urethra/ balls!
A: Mostly I wouldn' t do these kind of requests and especially
not the NSFW ones.
Q: I know what is going on you have no feeling in your foot
or something./ Are you a masochist? /
That must' hurt how did it feel?
A: I do actually have sense of feeling in both my feet and
no I do not feel enjoyment by doing this.
I can' t help it I' m a man of science and curiosity fuels me.
I can mostly describe the feeling as when you try to pull one of
your nails too hard combined with the feeling where the dentist
says "This tooth looks sensitive" and then proceeds to stab the
Q: Are you retarded?/ Do you have autism?/
Do you have any mental disorders?
A: I only aspergers and ADD why do you ask?
Q: You need therapy are you seeing somebody?/
You should really see someone.
A: I guess this is the ladies asking. Well no I' m not currently
seeing anybody I' m all available to you.
Q: You need a hobby
A: I do have a hobby I animate stuff and put it on youtube.
Not that I have a lot ertime on my hand to do it.
If you didn' t see the other posts there is a link in the description.
Anymore questions and I' ll try to answer them in comment #1
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