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Creepy People: Albert Fish

Air. Mm may
1 Hamilton Howard "Albert" Fish (also
5 known as: the brooklyn vampire,
and the Boogeyman) was the
creepiest ass mother fucker ever.
He was known born on May 19,
1870. He was a child rapist and
cannibal, he boasted that "he had
children in every state". and at one
time put the figure at about Q
He was raised in an
orphanage where he was
corrupted at a young age.
He was introduced into
practices like drinking urine
and the consumption of poop
known as coprophagia). He
spent his time in public
baths watching little boys
In 1890 he moved to New York where
Ha l he became a male prostitue. He said he
iii, first began raping young boys at this
time, a crime he kept committing even
after his marriage (he had six kids
from this marriage). In 1910. Fish
A committed what may have been his first
attack on a child. Thomas Beiden, in
Wilmington, Delaware.[ 13] Later, he
stabbed a mentally challenged boy
Above is around 1919 in Georgetown,
Grace Budd Washington, D. C.,[ 14] Consistently,
one of his many of his intended victims would be
many either mentally challenged or African
victims (he Americans because he believed thev
sent a would not be missed.
letter to Fish began to indulge in selfaware. He
Graces would needles into his
mother groin, which he normally would remove
that afterwards, but soon he began to
included insert them so deeply that they were
how he impossible to take out.[ 10] Later x-
killed her rays revealed that Fish had at least
and how 29 needles lodged in his pelvic region.
she [10] He also hit himself repeatedly
with a paddle.
The mother fucker finally
l like was convicted of three
murders the he confessed.
He was sent to the electric
they are chair and died but the really
creepy part is he withstood
3 times the amount of shock
of a normal human being.
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