Conspiracy. I made a comp from a conspiracy forum. Hope you enjoy it.. The weird shit and weird nobble you can Md on the internet... somethings I can never unde Conspiracy I made a comp from conspiracy forum Hope you enjoy it The weird shit and nobble can Md on the internet somethings never unde
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Conspiracy. I made a comp from a conspiracy forum. Hope you enjoy it.. The weird shit and weird nobble you can Md on the internet... somethings I can never unde

I made a comp from a conspiracy forum. Hope you enjoy it.

The weird shit and weird nobble you can Md
on the internet... somethings I can never
understand. Take this forum Ifound via dongle
Search while doing research for a sciuto story
I' m writing.
mm an
You read that right. A mum dedicated to anti-
gravity. so who are these guys? Particle
Not exactly... butwhy am I talking. Take
a look for yourseld.
Note: This a copy/ pasta of the intresting text
They have been growing seedlings from seed underground at the Creighton Mine tn Sudbury,
Ontario shoe 1986 and so far no one has written a peer reviewed paper explaining why
you can grow the equivalent ofa to/ o year seedling tn a few short months an example
would be January to April. tn which tame you have a two year old seedling .from the planting
of the seeds to being transplanted to surface sites ts less than A months. so this ts a bit more
than a 400% increase in the normar growth rate
But what is mysterius ts the tack of scientific interest tn this situation, as there are no peer
reviewed papers explaining the accelerated growth of plants underground _ with the rate of
growth with depth underground Nor are there any peer reviewed papers
attempting to explain the accelerated rate regrowth associated with plants watered with a
diluted solution of lunar material and water A very curious situation indeed
ts l a case of no one knowing or wanting to know or do they not know where to begin or ts
K intended to be a secret of some sort? t am baffled by this situation of no one wanting to
even discuss the possibilities that appear so om/ tous to me
on so some guy starts a conspiracy thread about...
growing stiller blants underground... we
is other fosters tor this
conspiracy' of underground saner blants.
t would say that this Issue of underground horticulture or the tack of l ts down to secrecy
rather than a tack of interest on the part of special interest groups
Giant fruit ts one thing, but t am most interested tn the medical aspect of this
Underground hospitals What about having surgery tn an underground hospital,
W l were deep enough, would you not begin healing before they have finished your surgery? l
would seem possible depending on the depth Of course this might be problematic but
K demonstrates a port to how quickly people would heal ti they were such things as
underground hospitals
Underground horticulture. underground medical hospitals underground sleep Underground
equals acceleration watch spells bad news for those who are clinging to power We can file
underground hospitals & horticulture tn the same category as Rife, Unity ET Ley jnes the
Water car N machine and so much more They are society changers, for the better of
course But not something a certain group wish to see happen, which is a crying shame
because it could be at up and runnang and well on it' s way now
underground hospitals that heal nobble taster and
the 'ttritts' want to been it out of the nubbin' s hands.
Their explination for this
Mms emit -> energy
underground = lots or rocks
underground = lots oi energy
Therefore underground = saner blants and secret
BIB are some DING! great “HES taken hum the .
When this lunar material was returned to earth K was analyzed and tested to determine ti l
represented a threat to the earth' s ecology During one of the tests both bean and corn seeds
were planted and watered with a situaton bywater and a smart amount of pulverized moon
rock The result was accelerated germination and growth plus gentic deformities and
cancerous growths which at the time had alt completely baffled as to why l was
reported at the time that the lunar material was not radioactive beyond what was considered
a normar background Tevet _ tn order to explain these radical test results would expose the
need for a rewrite of conventional scientific thought. Consequently l was deemed necessary
to deny these puzzling effects and suggest only beneficial results having occurred _
Today NASA ts planning a manned marston to Mars as ts the ESA. where they intend to have
astronauts utilizing Martian water and growing food during their tame on Mars t have myself
warned NASA that the ts a very bad plan as the consumption of Marten water and or the
consumption of plants grown on Mars would cause sereous illness which could incapacitate
the crew and incapable of making the return trp back to earth I consider l criminal to
conitnue to hide historical test results which have been wel documented in the past and now
dented to have taken place .blatant deception appears to be the order of the day
A rewrite on scientific thought ts overdue and a for our survival tn space and
here at home on planet earth
There ts a market of rock dust fertilizer and K works better than chemical fertilizer ‘ s the
simple act the rock to powder that increases the ratio of energy per und of mass
associated with the rock
Now amagine W you can grinding rock originating from deep underground into powder. not
only wouid you get healthy robust plant growth but you would also get an increase in the rate
of growth proportional to the depth the rock was extracted from beneath the
This alone blows the whole subject wide open and allows forcast about anyone to
experment with rock dust fertilizer
To be sure you get it tet me explain further. imagine you have a one ton peece mogranite rock
which is roughly 3 feet thick 3 feet high and 3 feet wide and you proceed to break l up Into
smaller and smaller places you have ts a ple of very fine rock dust Now take on
particle of that dock dust and place l beside another one ton block of grande rock Are you
starting to get the idea ocaust how much of an underlying energy increase you have effected
tn rotation to the raito of energy per unl of mass associated with that one single particle of
rock dust compared to the raito of energy per antt of mass associated with the one ton block
of grande rock?
t hope you can how amazong this ts .the simple process of reducing the one ton
block mogranite rock to rock dust has increased the energy of each tiny dust particle relative
to the gross energy of the original block of rock .and that ts one huge increase in the raito of
energy per antt of mass
Now you know why rock dust the way it does the various minerals tn the rock
do add the necessary nutrients to the sol but it ts the increased energy of those nutrients
which enriches the sol and affects robust growth
Yen. you read that right. hock fertilizer.
Well guys. I honed you enjoyed the read.
Please subscribe.
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**rambochicken rolled a random image posted in comment #77 at What if... ** mfw when i live in ******* sudbury ontario
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Sweet (rhubarb) roll.
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**eyerjesse rolls 562,724,782**
#3 - okthxbye **User deleted account**
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Seems legit, probably why everyone in the Moskow subways survived WW3.

On a more serious note, it is interesting how people view the world, what is true and what is false.
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#9 - corpsedolly
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I have no idea what the **** you were saying.
I have no idea what the **** you were saying.
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**anonymous rolled a random image posted in comment #7461685 at FJ Pony Thread ** mfw there's no way I'm reading that
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