Close Encounter of a Moth Kind. True story bro.. fucking hot day- combine a heatwave with a late night at start and I promise there will at least be a thin laye Close Encounter of a Moth Kind True story bro fucking hot day- combine heatwave with late night at start and I promise there will least be thin laye
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Close Encounter of a Moth Kind

fucking hot day- combine a heatwave with a late night at start and I promise
there will at least be a thin layer of sweat cohering you when you wake. Well, I' m a man who has always
had a tendency's perspire, and I woke that morning dripping with sticky, salty water.
Due to my lack , and of antiperspirant the night before, I made
the decision I would start the morning with a shower, skip breakfasting now, I had more pressing needs.
Elsi stepped into the shower howeve r, ifailed to notice one small thing. I turned the rotating dial to set
the temperature, and then the larger one to turn on the power. I shuddered asthe spat out
old, cold waterdrop its last usage, but in a way it procided relief from the scorching heat outside. Then
the heaters came into their own, and the warm water coursed ayer me. ilol began to reach up forthe
wash myself ofthe saline solution with which I was doused, an unknown fiend, a
menace of unimaginable proportions began to advance behind me.
etwas when I reached down forthe shampoo, Head and Shouldering rememba mild dandruff
problem, thatl t I worried at first, could it batspider creeping up on me? But no, it was
actually . a shower's easyer dealwith, it clings on to the walls
survival- all you have to do is dodge it as it makesure Inevitable slide into the plug hole. This was
something more, an enormous motherfucker ofa moth, climbing up the rear wall ofthe shower ready
to anally rip me open and eaddhat warinside. I Instantly retreat into the far corner of the shower, ready
for a tense struggle. But he doe ' t fight, he just crawls. I realize now at the spray of water coming off
my the shower hit had been spraying moth, and he was burnt and
bruised. Maybe he wasn' t as badly hurt as I thought, or maybe he was, butturt very determined. I doubt
I' ll ayer know. I mooed up to rub the shampoo into myfucking scalp, the bastard made his
The math rushed forward with violent Intent, I could see it in its heady little eyes, ask dived
towards me through the steamy haze. right towards my abdomen, I retreated back into the
comer- a move flatworld prove math followed me right through where I had been
stood in the centre of the path of the sh owe r. Elmo rm of blazing hot laya blasted the math off its
trajectory and into a gathering pool at the bottom. The corneal had been pushed the
plug hole was, and I was blocking It, allowing the water's coalesce. I thoughtless was It, that I had him
dead, asl removed myfoot and watched the winged fury slide into the whirlpool of pain. But with one
lordflutter of his wings he managed to move himself ledge around the showertime. He looked
up at me, and I stared back down. He was burnt and bruised, butt now knew betterthan to
underestimate him. i' 1. ... There, I could see his Intent in his face, he still hoped.
Don’ ttry It, motherfucker, I have the high ground". Butturt as a done once
before, the moth did not heed my rning. It fluttered up towards me, possibly with the help of the
rising heat, but nowl was prepared. I angled my arm towards It, and the water rushed down, farmings
powerful blast of molten death. The math was jettisoned straight into the plug hole, finally, hopefully,
gone." i' , wwould guesse lifetime of mainly trying to get Inside a light bulb would
give a man a different kind of resilience and determination. It sure fucking seemed thatway.
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