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New FTB Community SMP! with jake and bec


Here we go, a new exciting community adventure with:


The mods that we are using is based off of the FTB Beta 1.5.2 pack with some minor changes to the pack.

Enter code 15wgt will get you the mods below (Only the mods not included in my list have been listed below, anything else is included)

Ars Magica *Added into pack*
BiblioCraft *Default FTB Beta Pack*
Extra Utilities *Default FTB Beta Pack*
GraviSuite *Added into pack*
MiscPeripherals *Default FTB Beta Pack*
Modular ForceField Systems *Default FTB Beta Pack*
OpenCC Sensors *Default FTB Beta Pack*
Project Bench *Added into pack*
Soul Shards *Default FTB Beta Pack*
Thaumic Tinkerer *Default FTB Beta Pack*
Twilight Forest *Default FTB Beta Pack*

*Extra Bees is added into this pack since the FTB Pack does not have it but I didn't list because I have it in my SSP Series*

Forestry as well has been updated to support Extra Bees

***Compact Solars mod is removed from the list as the mod is obsolete and redundant with Advanced Solar Panels***

Views: 402 Submitted: 07/04/2013