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Minecraft Working Calculator

Not mine, thought I would share.

Tags: Minecraft
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Submitted: 05/21/2012
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#9 - anonymous (05/24/2012) [-]
This made me fall asleep for 2 hours.....
User avatar #5 - supahsayin (05/22/2012) [-]
Now, let's see what happens when he divides by zero.
User avatar #6 to #5 - janderp (05/22/2012) [-]
Everything become a circle
User avatar #4 - redwolfradolf (05/22/2012) [-]
At the start it looked like a huge spaceship...

You must have a really deep understanding of computers and circuts to make something like this...
#3 - anonymous (05/21/2012) [-]
All I could say is "Wow" at the end of that video.
#2 - malifauxdeux ONLINE (05/21/2012) [-]
Imagine how much profit could be made by putting a brain and work ethic like that to something a little more... useful.
#7 to #2 - anonymous (05/22/2012) [-]
How do you know this isn't just what he does in his spare time?
#8 to #7 - anonymous (05/22/2012) [-]
Because to do this you need to have pretty much spare time
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