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I tamed as many dogs as I could find on the way to the nearest village. In the time it took me to reach a village(3 days of playing), i had tamed somewhere around 30 wolves with the bones I racked up. But, during the journey, all but ONE dog had been killed off. This was the same dog that had always saved me, while the other dogs just walked around like ******* idiots. Being the strong warrior he was, he needed a name. Naga. For the next week, I played minecraft extensively, building my house, protecting the village, and ravaging the lands and banishing any fiends that dare challenge our dynamic duo.
While watching over my village on my glass lookout, my view came across an enderman. I prepared myself, and fed Naga the last of my food(I had three hearts and was half a corndog or [whatever the **** that thing is] away from starving) as any hit he took would kill him instantly. The enderman had finally approached us and as I tried to combat it, I hit naga a couple of times. I began starving and simultaneously dying. The last I saw of Naga was him and the enderman jammed in the doorway together attacking each other. I landed the last hit on the Enderman just as Naga was killed.
I went on a killing spree that night, and as the sun rose, I made him a tombstone by the door where he died.

I blew that ******* village up and left nothing but my house suspended above a crater that used to be a war-torn battleground.
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feels man....
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I did math for you...it was worth it.
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damn. i almost shed a tear.
damn. i almost shed a tear.
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On a side note, what texture pack is that?
On a side note, what texture pack is that?
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Sphax BDCraft. I 			*******		 love this texture pack.
Sphax BDCraft. I ******* love this texture pack.
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Thanks man.
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RIP Naga
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