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#2 - shayschamp (07/09/2012) [-]
America, Mother ****** who?
#4 to #2 - griffmaster (07/09/2012) [-]
judgeing by the SAW in his hand... america mother ****** *machine gun burst*
User avatar #11 to #4 - truemox (07/10/2012) [-]
Ah, I was wondering what kind of gun that was. Also, I think that due to the very fast fire rate of the M249SAW, and the retracted position of the stock on his gun, he'd have a hard time firing it.
#16 to #11 - griffmaster (07/10/2012) [-]
from the hip yes it is very difficult to fire but not impossible with correct training... however, less in the prone position use of the sights is impossible to achieve while maintaining controll of the weapon
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