Gotta love the comment section. Found here: Nothing beats  Cars crashes
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Gotta love the comment section

Tags: Cars | crashes
Nothing beats Lil Wayne for a worst nightmare in audio form.
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enter sandman 2 r. -e_. e see
You were right. This is a horrible nightmare.
flushes these hot topic wars and aid r? sanberg straight down the worlds scariest
evil toilet *
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Let me guess: Unemployed, coated in Cheetohs dust and spilled soda, gently
fingerpainting yourself in the dark of your parent' s basement while they yell
down the stairs for yeu to take out the trash, silently praying for the return of
golden era" Load/ Metallica. The only thing that sheild' ye been
flushed is your fetus, using a wire coathanger and a turkey baster.
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