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7-11 sexual call-Do you have bread?


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What happens when you call 7-11 and ask if you can erotically penetrate the staff's anus? Depends how subtle you are. 3 calls - Each one less subtle than the last.

The first call I was trying to say things that were not what he expected and do it quickly. Then cover it up and say i said something else, he got mad pretty quick.

The second call I was doing the same thing but more times and with more risky sentences. After he didn't catch on, I asked if he wanted to have sex up front.

The third all I came right out and asked if wanted to engage in homosexual intercourse. Pretty hot. Them Asians know how to start my fire.

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Before you bitch, yes the Negro and ballsack noodles was from ownagepranks. Completely intentional, i saw the window and went there.

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