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masseffect: Mass Effect

Ladies, gentlemen, organic lifeforms, this is THE MASS EFFECT CHANNEL.
Here we welcome posts discussing one the best RPG series ever to exist since 2007.
Now I want to set some ground rules for posting here, I want to abide by the Code of FunnyJunk, with some acceptable codes of fanboyism. (+5 Paragon)
1. If you can, after you post something that is NOT yours, give credit to the original artist.
2. Reaction pictures, gifs, ect are not meant to be posted as content, save it for the comments and threads.
3. Haters aren't welcome, you don't start **** with us, and we will kindly leave you alone, DO NOT FEED TROLLS.
4. Double check for reposts, they are not tolerable/ If you post a comic not by you, give it its original title.
5. Have fun, calibrate, and enjoy yourself.
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