Bioware genius strikes again!. Hello, this is my first comic. It took some time, and I know it kinda lacks in quality, but in the end I still decided to submit  mass effect OC RandomDoofus
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Bioware genius strikes again!

Hello, this is my first comic. It took some time, and I know it kinda lacks in quality, but in the end I still decided to submit it. 100% OC. Spare a thumb if you can.

Okay, everyine. We finished Mass Effect 3,
but we still have the last IO
minutes to . any suggestions?
Wait, T knew, knew!
tryforce' expecting choices
actually matter,
we make them
net matter" at all!
Excellent! T like that way of thinking!
Herpson! Any eleven thaughts frem yeu?
Sense! It must make nene!
Sense is heaard!
T see year paint, peeple!
Whe have make the player feel
like a tital worthless piece of **** !
The vegies...
they're telling me
**** everything
Yen peeple are geniouses!
Yeu' re all getting a raise!
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Submitted: 03/22/2012
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#1 - spokenwun (03/22/2012) [-]
In a recent article defending the Mass Effect 3 Ending and Biowares PR they release this statement.

"We will not support or respond to destructive commentary," means that they will eventually ignore the people.

They know that gamers will continue to buy their product as long as the mass effect and bioware name is on the cover. The people will fail and they will get their way. That is what has become of our society, we as a people have become weak, we have allowed others in a higher position to regulate the disposition of our conduct openly.

They are now comfortably corrupt, because we have allowed them to become so. Before, no institution nor agency would dare to openly insult the population, they at least, maintained an ounce of secrecy, and you...the people could convince yourself then to accept their lie, however, now they are spiting in the face of the people.

We can no longer hide my friends, we can no longer look away...they are like children who have gotten used to the luxuries and freedom of this fast paced media frenzy...they have diluted our sense of what is important with deceptive fragments of what they call "News" and have now taken advantage of our inability to maintain public interest - they can do as they please because we will all be more interested in the dog who saved his owners life on CHxxx at 7:00.

The company is basically saying "Hey guys, we'll listen to you...but if your rude to us you can ******* forget it because this is a sympathy gesture" and you the people reply back, "Just shut up and take my money."

Either live with your knowledge now and accept the corruption of these bloodsucking capitalists or take a stand for the rights that were guaranteed to your person the moment you were conceived and drive these heathen back into their cages.
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