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Music, lyrics and video editing by Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan (Conan the Barbarian: The Musical, Silence! The Musical).

Mario performed by Daniel Chaney.

Contains some variations on material composed by Koji Kondo.

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It's a-me, Mario!
It's a-me, Mario!
So I'm off to find the princess, magic mushroom make-a me tall,
Then I pick a pretty flower, it a give me fire-ball,
But the turtle he a-touch me and I'm back to being small,
And I got to be a-careful not to--

It's a-me Mario!
It's a-me, Mario!
I'm-a jumping on the goomba
And I make him go a-squish,
Then I'm swimming under water with the pesky jelly fish.
These a two-a Hammer Brothers, they a difficult to kill,
And the cannons, they a shoot the Bullet Bill!

Now I run away from Lakitu,
He chase me in the cloud.
Try to go inside the tunnel but, a-no I'm not allowed.
Climb-a da beanstalk, take da coins and now I'm a really on a roll,
When I finish slide the flag a-down the pole!

I'm invincible, I'm invincible,
Now I touch-a you and-a you die 'cause I'm invincible!
All dee turtles and goombas are toast,
I'm like Pac-a-Man eating a ghost.
I'm invincible,
So invincible!

Now I jump up on the ceiling cause this level really tough,
I a-take the magic warp-a zone and skip a lot of stuff.
I will find-a you a-princess and-a make-a you my wife,
Oh a-wait I got to chase the extra-life!

It's a-me, Mario!
It's a-me, Mario!
Now I reach the final castle,
It's-a the Bowser's evil lair.
Such a terrible a-hassle,
There's a-lava everywhere.
I defeat-a you-a Koopa King of level eight-a-four,
You a-jump, I run, and look, a-no more floor!

You came for me,
(It's a me!)
You came for me,
(Let's-a get outta here)
You came for me,
(You is-a free now)
You came for me.
(Thanks to Mario...)
And now that you've taken a rest,
It is time to begin your next quest.

It's a-me, Mario!
It's a-me!

It's a-me, Mario!
It's a-me, Mario!
In the dreamy land of Sub-a-con, a magical a-place,
I a-pull a juicy vegetable and throw it in-a you face!
I'm-a gonna save the kingdom from the evil boss a-Wart,
He a-have an evil plan I must-a thwart!

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