Magikarp. Magikarp... magikarp magikarp
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mfw uploader's name is not Magikarp.
mfw uploader's name is not Magikarp.
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Sure, I'll play along.
Sure, I'll play along.
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**** yeah! I love Digimon, Blue eyes white dragon is my favourite!
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**propervillain rolls 7** Pretend I'm OP. What am I?
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how did this hit front page?
User avatar #241 to #236 - kanatana (01/24/2013) [-]
Because Magikarp used Splash, and it was super effective.
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I had a Magikarp once. Like most people I got him at level 10, after obtaining an old rod. I named my Magikarp "StarPlayr" because he was my favorite out of the group. It's a sad life out there for Magikarps, when your trainer is bound by the rules of Nuzlocking. I had done what every smart trainer does, and I leveled him up by switching him out between battles. He grew so strong, that he evolved, and even became the strongest pokemon in my party. You could tell that Starplayr was happy, and that made me happy. We along with the rest of our team, beat all of Johto's gym leaders, and the Elite Four in a single night. But one stormy night, I visited a foreign region called Kanto. I was deemed Pokemon League Champion, and was under the impression, that I could beat the Gym Leaders of Kanto. But my pride and ignorance got the best of me. I soon found myself facing the first gym leader I could find, Lt. Surge. Underestimating his strength in pokemon, I sent out Starplayr, without a moment of hesitation nor doubt. Lt.'s first pokemon was a Raichu. A bit dangerous for my precious water type pokemon, but I was sure it was something we could handle. Damned thing is faster then my Starplayr, uses Double team. My earthquake misses, I'm pissed. He uses double team again, and once again I miss. He's playing with me now. I try again, this time Raichu uses Shock Wave. Critical Hit, my StarPlayr dies... I sit there in complete silence, as I take in what has just happened to me... I send out Typhlosion, my second best pokemon (technically now my first). Typhlosion kicks all of his pokemon's asses in the matter of a minute. I soon return to the Pokemon Center, not too far away. I sit at the PC for a minute, a bit hesitant, and then I say my last goodbye to StarPlayr, and let him go... I sat out near the harbor that day, just staring at the Ocean, just knowing that StarPlayr was out there somewhere. That day I cried Fake Tears, it was still more affective than Splash...
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Funnyjunk's going through another phase
Funnyjunk's going through another phase
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Your username wasn't Magikarp.... You lose good day Sir!!
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>username is not magikarp
>username is not magikarp
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So go there and stop complaining.
So go there and stop complaining.
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magikarp up in dis bitch
magikarp up in dis bitch
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