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pro as heck guide to twisted fate


I must admit, I had a bit of a chuckle..

Video description:

Be sure to buy yellow book so the enemy knows how smart you are.

This took a while to make, so a like would be appreciated!

After watching "Pro as heck guide to Gragas" I just knew I had to make a pro as heck guide for my favorite champion, so please enjoy my steaming pile of crap!

I felt I should say this as I know people are going to flame: I know I'm a horrible Twisted Fate. I'm bloody bronze for crying out loud. I'm just having fun!

Funded on the brilliant Twisted Fate (me!)
Wes151 and his Legendary Blitzcrank pulls
Harrygee123 making a new ADC meta with sivir.

Views: 7913 Submitted: 04/17/2013