Trying to gank a fed Elise. .. AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHAT GANKING IS?!?! League of Legend
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just googled it it means to gang up on low level players
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Ganking in LoL is basically having a mid laner or jungler assist another lane and attempt to kill the enemy laners. Teamwork and **** man.
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It's like flanking somebody
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Flanking is to attack from multiple sides to force them to fight back to back giving them no where to run/avoid attacks (it would then just kill the allied fighter behind you defending the other direction). "Gan"king is to simple "gan"g up on a smaller group which no specified direction of attack. Although to ganking is normally best done in a flanking fashion to avoid the prey escaping .
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Judging by the descriptions and the context in which the word has been used, no you're not the only one, in fact everyone using the term seems to not know what it is. It's a term often used in gaming, particularly EVE online, and represents an instance of killing something using overwhelming force, i.e. something that they could not possibly have any hope of surviving against.

honestly all these posts i keep seeing with people using the word "ganking" is irritating the living **** out of me cos clearly everyone has jumped on a bandwagon and you're all ******* misusing it
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commonly known as gang bang or gang rape. Its when one or two heroes assist a lane while they're hiding on bushes and tries to kill enemies ASAP.
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I don't know either my brother
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at least i am not alone in this pic unrelated
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This is a real Legend
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When someone comes from a different lane, or the jungler comes to help that lane win. Basically, surprise butt-sex. But it's very hard to gank a fed Elise. She'll just get a double kill. c: (I know because I play Elise) <3
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OUCH. Tried to switch from mid to top as Draven. Got OWNED by her. She was between me and Ahri (1/0/2) and she wasn't even that fed up (7/5/1)... I was at 4/1/0 at that time...
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...You were playing mid lane draven?
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I reached my thumb limit... Someone is posting a bunch of reposts. =]
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Green text how?
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First FJ tattoo.
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What is a FJ tattoo? (I don't pay attention to anything but the content on fj)
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I got a tattoo that says funnyjunk...
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i feel so alone with all these LoL posts
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You're not alone
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One, you're not alone, and two, there are channels for it. There's not as much content because relative to LoL, DOTA2 has a small fanbase. And what did I say before about arguments? Look, I understand your frustratio, but. I think it would be best if you ignored the LoL channels for a while.
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Elise is retarded at the moment and so is malphite. I usually don't like playing broken champions but one day I was bored out of my brain and had just lost 2 games in a row because of two afk's so I thought why the **** not. Her base damage is too high, you can literally build tanky ap and one shot people, or you can go jungle and build ap/on hit and **** on people with your ganks. She is insane, her Q does so much damage, you just blow people up in teamfights and then E out near lane. She does fall off late game though, but she's still broken. Plus her lane phrase is so strong o.0 she has hardly any counters.
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trying to gank a brood mother AJAJAJAJAJAJAJa
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what's the original video?
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Um some candy commercial I think.
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