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(08/29/2013) [-]
I don't like the new 'division' system. It still uses the old elo, but it's done incorrectly sometimes. I got the same elo as a friend of mine. He is gold 4 i am silver 3. If you want to look up your own elo just select the server youre playing on and type your name in. op.gg/mmr/region=EUW It's only about 95% accurate though.

I am confident i can still make it to gold though, considering that its pretty easy to get up (I went from Silver 4 to Silber 2 in 3 days. I have absolutely no idea what people are complaining about (elo-hell). I rarely have leavers, and yes, there are games that can't be won, this is ******* normal, everyone looses. But just look at your mistakes as well as just saying "It was my teams fault". if you're not playing to get better than you will never get better. Although, after 300 games you are probably where you belong.