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#27 - joshofsouls (08/29/2013) [-]

I played my 10 games to get ranked, thinking I could be like my friend who got silver 5, and I had a terrible serious of **** games with terrible teammates...

I got bronze 4 and I'm afraid I may never get silver...
all I want is that loading screen plate, man..
#186 to #27 - affects (08/29/2013) [-]
>make 3 vs 3 team
>stomp noobs
>Easiest silver/gold in your life
Seriously, I was bronze 3 when my 3 vs 3 team was gold 5.
I'm silver 5 now and the 3 vs 3 team got hit by elo decay a few months ago
User avatar #202 to #186 - decay (08/29/2013) [-]
I feel like you and me encounter the same problem often.
User avatar #106 to #27 - anonimoss ONLINE (08/29/2013) [-]
I carried myself out of bronze playing garen, he's so op and the lower elo people just cant handle him full tank. I'm currently 11-0 with him and I recommend trying him
User avatar #127 to #106 - joshofsouls (08/29/2013) [-]
Hahah, you don't have to recommend anything bro, Garen was my main champ for the first year, I own him and two of my favorite skins.

The problem is that I do better when I have people WITH me, so playing alone is kind of a no-go when it comes to garen, I've been playing Hecarim non-stop in ranked and have yet to lose, I'm currently 1 match in my promotion to bronze 3.
User avatar #160 to #127 - anonimoss ONLINE (08/29/2013) [-]
Good luck man!
User avatar #76 to #27 - comboaudio (08/29/2013) [-]
I know your pain.
User avatar #52 to #27 - thatguycrow (08/29/2013) [-]
In three weeks my friend worked his way up from bronze 3 to gold 5. You can do it.
#45 to #27 - minutes (08/29/2013) [-]
You get many points at the beginning, ths should make it pretty easy to get up. **** teamplay and **** your mates on Bronze 5-bronze 2, they suck harder then beginners and are toxic most of the time. You need to play mid/adc and carry the game solohandadly. Than in gold, you can actually start teamplaying cause people will listen instead of calling you a ******** and leaving.
User avatar #40 to #27 - tommomonkey (08/29/2013) [-]
it's a piece of piss, play a tough support and make sure to get the adc fed.
User avatar #32 to #27 - rarityrarityrarity (08/29/2013) [-]
I started off at bronze 4, made my way up to silver 5 in around a month so it should be possible if you put your mind into it. (after that my internet became **** and I can't play LoL anymore, especially ranked so I'm stuck in silver 5 no skin for me)
User avatar #29 to #27 - gotskillzz (08/29/2013) [-]
i know your feels
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