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#120 - epicpieman (11/25/2012) [-]
my teams in a nutshell
my teams in a nutshell
User avatar #176 to #120 - rplix (11/25/2012) [-]
Happened today.

Invited my friend's friend, had like 400 wins so I thought he would be good.
Ends up feeding the Ahri mid, but I got fed top fortunately and got my first quadra kill! :D
User avatar #256 to #176 - akmini (11/25/2012) [-]
You got your first quadra kill? Tell me more about how easy 1900 elo is.
#215 to #176 - icewraith has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #161 to #120 - someanon (11/25/2012) [-]
with me i'm normally stuck with one person who is legitimately trying to be helpful, the other who intentionally impeded previous man's progress at teamwork, and the equevilent of a brain dead walrus. no it does not matter what i am doing that involves teams, that is who i am stuck with, sometimes en masse if dealing with a larger team.
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