Need a hand, Darius?. This one speaks for itself... Reminded me of this.... Darius nami League of Legend suggestive
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#1 - professorlayton (02/02/2013) [-]
Reminded me of this....
User avatar #56 to #44 - ofc (02/03/2013) [-]
You saw my content didn't you :P
#45 - konradkurze (02/03/2013) [-]
mfw i realized
#52 - Lepain (02/03/2013) [-]
MFW tags used correctly
#32 - astickywhale (02/03/2013) [-]
"This one speaks for itself."
no, no it doesn't. i have no ******* idea what this post means.
User avatar #60 to #32 - ragingdouchbag (02/03/2013) [-]
nami looks like shes holding darius' axe

its not a very good joke
User avatar #35 to #32 - thisotherdude (02/03/2013) [-]
It looks like the guy on the right is holding the weapon the girl on the left is holding
#38 to #35 - vorack **User deleted account** (02/03/2013) [-]
The weapon is also his penis.
User avatar #73 to #32 - TigerMann (02/19/2013) [-]
You have to look at the handle of Darius's weapon and Nami's weapon. The splash art images line up in a way that makes it look like they're both holding the same weapon.

Hope that helped.
User avatar #3 - alphawolffifteen (02/03/2013) [-]
I'll never be able to look at that skin the same way again. From now on it will look like he is furiously fapping with the rage and power and satan himself after having his balls waxed.
#9 - feffog (02/03/2013) [-]
"this one speaks for itself"
ive seen 47 lol posts today, 27 of them were random gifs with some random title, i dont know what any of them mean.
User avatar #33 to #9 - stillnotbob ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
Now you know how I feel about anime. Quit posting anime and we'll quit it with the LoL.
User avatar #36 to #33 - feffog (02/03/2013) [-]
>implying i have a god damned thing to do with anything anime related
User avatar #37 to #36 - stillnotbob ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
>When people use anime pictures, they're usually weeaboos
User avatar #39 to #37 - feffog (02/03/2013) [-]
1. youre using implications wrong, and 2 its a reaction image, im sure you have about 700 on your hard drive
User avatar #54 to #39 - stillnotbob ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
I usually type the name of it followed by .jpg, I'm a lazy ******
User avatar #17 - hellsangel (02/03/2013) [-]
I just started playing this yesterday and I have a question. I know that the RP and IP points can be used to unlock items, but do you have to buy the RP and IP points?
User avatar #22 to #17 - hellsangel (02/03/2013) [-]
Ohh yeah and one more question. How do the Runepages work? I know I sound like a total noob but oh well lol
User avatar #67 to #22 - ArtifactMind (02/04/2013) [-]
Rune Page is where you places your runes, which is separated into four categories: Red, Yellow, Blue and Purple, designed to give your champion some laning advantage over your opposition.
You are given two free rune pages at start. (If you were here before 2010 i think, you get a free rune page for participating in a promotion of video game award.)
Each rune page cost 6300 IP or 975 RP.
You can have the max of 20 rune pages at a time.
#23 to #22 - ohlookporn (02/03/2013) [-]
Basically you buy runes and put them in the rune page. When you start a game you select the rune page you want to use and you will get those bonuses that those runes give you (like extra armor, extra AD/AP, Gold per 5, etc).
User avatar #24 to #23 - hellsangel (02/03/2013) [-]
Ohh okay so they're just boosts to your character then. I see now. Thanks man.
#25 to #24 - ohlookporn (02/03/2013) [-]
Not a problem, glad to help out a new player.
#26 to #17 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
Its recommended not to buy runes untill you can access tier 3 runes (level 20)
User avatar #27 to #17 - dagreatmax (02/03/2013) [-]
PRO TIP: Don't buy runes until you hit lvl 21

PRO TIP #2: Don't use RP's to buy champions since you can buy them with IP's (you get when you win or lose games)

PRO TIP #3: Don't buy RP's by SMS text message.
User avatar #34 to #27 - stillnotbob ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
And don't buy skins. I've had 2 accounts permabanned with my money wasted.
User avatar #59 to #34 - hideyowives ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
dude if you get perma banned you are just a huge dick, like....the things you have to do to get perma banned once is bad but TWICE
User avatar #61 to #59 - stillnotbob ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
Not even. I'll keep making accounts till they ip ban, then I'll make another under a proxy.
User avatar #62 to #61 - hideyowives ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
User avatar #64 to #62 - stillnotbob ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
I literally don't buy anything, I only use ip
User avatar #65 to #64 - hideyowives ONLINE (02/04/2013) [-]
you said you bought skins a min ago brah
User avatar #66 to #65 - stillnotbob ONLINE (02/04/2013) [-]
Well now I don't buy anything
#41 to #34 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
Pro Tip: Don't the the garbage of the community so you don't get banned.
User avatar #68 to #41 - hellsangel (02/04/2013) [-]
I'll make sure I won't the community
#51 to #41 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
i think you accidentalled your sentence
#29 to #27 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
better pro tip, start saving for ruins at level 17, that way when you hit 20 you'll have a lot of ruins (and others wont) and dominate
#70 to #29 - killerofcows ONLINE (02/04/2013) [-]
start saving at 17 o.O
unless you only play one game a day preferably bots for win of the day you wont have enough ip to buy even one decent page by the time you hit 20
I more recommend just buy a few champs that you like and then start saving ip for runes at lvl 8
User avatar #40 to #29 - dagreatmax (02/03/2013) [-]
Or just start saving for RUINS at low level.
#28 to #17 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
no you get ip for playing pvp or against bots rp you get for buying or referring i think
User avatar #47 to #17 - MrDeadiron (02/03/2013) [-]
buy champs with rp aand save your ip for runes

you buy rp with real money

you get ip by playing
#48 to #17 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
No, IP you gain from playing games. At the end of every game you receive some IP a bit more if you win, a bit less if you lose. Also you get a first win of the day bonus where every 24 hours you get a 150 ip bonus on your next win. RP you have to buy.
#69 to #48 - killerofcows ONLINE (02/04/2013) [-]
every 22 hours unless recently changed
User avatar #18 to #17 - lupislord (02/03/2013) [-]
(its been a while, don't remember which is which)

One you buy, the other you earn from playing
User avatar #21 to #18 - hellsangel (02/03/2013) [-]
Ohh okay I was wondering how that worked. Thank you kind sir.
User avatar #20 to #17 - ArtifactMind (02/03/2013) [-]
IP is what you obtains for playing games. It's basically free points to purchase champions, runes and runepage.

RP is what you pay for with real money in order to acquires something nice to your account for example... Skins, IP boosts, easier purchases of champions (I DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT) and bundles.
User avatar #2 - namdelliks ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
took me a while to see it. haha nice.
#58 - zyketor has deleted their comment [-]
#5 - ragingthyroids (02/03/2013) [-]
i know its supposed to be him fapping furiously, but does anyone notice where his hands are? it looks like his axe is going through nami's pic and shes helping him pick it up.
User avatar #42 to #5 - Hreidmar ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
Whoa, whoa, why is he getting red thumbs for this? I thought it was another LoL joke that was aimed only at people who play the game. I only got it after looking at this comment.
#8 to #5 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
thats the joke, you ******* retard..........
#6 to #5 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
its them jacking him off together... i think.
User avatar #7 to #5 - Jackimole (02/03/2013) [-]
User avatar #49 - DiabloStrawhat (02/03/2013) [-]
>speaks for itself
>makes absolutely zero sense to anyone who doesn't play LoL
#50 to #49 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
look at whats in both of their hands, you stupid dense mook ******* cunt bastard tit.
User avatar #57 to #50 - hideyowives ONLINE (02/03/2013) [-]
i like this anon...can we keep it?
#53 to #50 - John Cena (02/03/2013) [-]
you forgot **** .
User avatar #71 - runeception (02/04/2013) [-]
click the link to get free RP points guys, just pass this link around and get like 7 views? then you get access to this generator.. atleast give it a try, im on my acc on FJ so if it doesn't work you can just thumb me to hell and back
here is da link: You need to login to view this link
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#31 - thekingofop **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #10 - nyawgga (02/03/2013) [-]
I don't get it.
User avatar #11 to #10 - arancium (02/03/2013) [-]
darius's axe extends so it looks like its part of namis staff
#12 to #11 - nyawgga (02/03/2013) [-]
What does that mean, and why is it funny?
User avatar #14 to #12 - arancium (02/03/2013) [-]
its darius's penis -_-
User avatar #15 to #12 - blokrokker (02/03/2013) [-]
It's just a juxtaposition joke.
User avatar #13 to #10 - blokrokker (02/03/2013) [-]
look at ragingthyroids' comment, he's got it, but all the idiots here that DO happen to play LoL downvoted him because he explained the joke. To help, look at Darius's hands (the dude) compared to Nami's pole.
#4 - gisuar (02/03/2013) [-]
they are summoning...
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