the MANual. . The Ultimate Male Grooming and Maintenance Guide: TH E LIA L Shaving . Exfoliate anee er twice a week, it makes shaving easier. rut . Spend en a p man ual
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the MANual

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The Ultimate Male Grooming and Maintenance Guide:
Shaving .
Exfoliate anee er twice a week, it makes shaving easier. rut .
Spend en a par of slippers and
When you have yew chewer, soak your manly beard with conditioner of choice
this will soften the bristles and make fer a better shave, prepare to -" 3 a load of ,
grooming and leek good fer the next
Shave just after yeu' showered - er when yeu' re still in the chewer, if you
want several years. Need a haircut? Figure out
which length wracks best fer you (start at
1", then mave down continuously until
yeu' re onest ) and spend 15
minutes going at it., Get a friend ta
straighten up the back fer ye u.
When yeu shave, use either gel, oil, am er conditioner
Get yourself a decent razor, net a dis posable ene.
Shave with the grain - someth, slowly.
Rinse your razzr after each stroke
If yeu em yourself, use either wet terlet paper, toothpaste, er a styptic pend m
step the bleeding
Rinse your mes
Resupply gel, ell, mam er conditioner
Redshade, this time AGAINST the grain, fer the , -
Rinse again, with ice eead water - this will elese the peres and stop dirt getting
inte yew skin.
Liberally apply a seething aftershave balm, but den' t use
ave, it dries out yew skin.,
Dry your razzr off en stewey after yeu use it, it will last a let lenger.
Oral Hygiene
Want to knew if yew breath stinks? Lick
yew wrist, let it dry, and smell it. Yes it' s
nasty. Yes it wracks., Want m get rid pf the
stink? Get a dengue scraper. That grey
crap en the bask ofyour dengue is why
yew breath smells.,
Trim your eyebrows, ear hairs and
nese hairs.
Ask yew barber I hairdresser m go
the edges pf your ears and ta
shave yew new.
Place a fresh clean towel en yew pillow before
sleeping at night., Say goodbye m amp.
Plus: Afresh towel smells and feels awesome.
Use moisturizer.,
Lots pf it. Unless
yeu' re going for
that Scandinavian
fisherman leek.
Forget leg's. A nice fitting shirt is mere
important than the lege placed en it.,
Make sure where the seam en the mp of
the sleeves is matches where the edge
of your shoulders are., If they aren' t, it
does n' t fit properly,
Hats and shoes are the only exceptions
to this rule, because it' s hard ta find hats
without obvious leg's, and dress shoes
are pretty mush the only shoes to eema
Keep free of large holes. If ,
the halals) should be limited to the shins.
Absolutely knee f thigh holes. Having
the ends of the legs frayed from normal
wear is net only acceptable, it' s
A pair pf pants is good fer about a week,
After that, you need to wash it.,
A shirt is good for anywhere between
days, depending en whether er net yeu
were sweating in it.,
Make sure you have at least ene suit.,
Step into the chewer WITHOUT having a towel down
stepping en the towel will put your feet bacteria en it),
wash feet thoroughly and step out only ente a clean small
towel until dry and put en clean seeks. This prohibits yeu
from stepping directly ente the ground yew dirty feet were
en. Ya u' ll never have stinky feet this way.
m keep fresh.
lent shave dawn there - trim the
Wash your scrotum every day.
Then, put baby perder dawn there,
Trim yew fingernails.,
File them.,
De net bite them.
Use seep. Nat chewer gel
er liquid soap er any of
that pray stuff., Buy a
natural bar of map. And
use a cloth, maybe use a
back brush tee
Throw out yew we pf
Axe/ Lynx. Buy a nice .
Twp to three light sprays ente
yew skin, net Alethea, should
last yeu the whale day.
Drop a piece of terlet
paper in the bawl
befire you peep. Your
peeps get
when you flush., Ne
unsightly streak's
hair., Hair is normal, but it' s okay m
keep it neat.,
Never pass up en an opportunity to pee.
Cheated by Mark Chandler
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