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BEST VINES Compilation September 2013!


BEST VINES Compilation September 2013! NEW Vines until 21. of September! No:3
This 14 minute (135 Vines) Best Vines Video Compilation is packed with the Best & Funniest Vine videos of the Third Week of September!Like, Comment, Share!

DISCLAIMER:We do not own nor make any of these vines shown in these videos, They are all vines I've stumbled across so please don't credit us for any of the footage. We only put them together for your entertainment.

To all the creators of the vines, we respect your rights to your own content, we tried to credit to your content as good as possible. If you have any problems, want to discuss something, or just want to say thank you for this compilation please contact us by sending us a message to our Youtube channel. We will response immediately!

Some of Vines from: (All listed in video) How to piss off a complete stranger Vine By: Brook Anglin
When your parents are asleep vs when you are Vine By: Nick Kittles
Best Burn Ever Vine By: Fail Vine
What the hell got into this girl Vine By: Jimena_L
How to get your boyfriends attention when he's playing video game Vine By: Liane V
Black People Make A Beat Out Of Everything.. Vine By: DEMARCUS
GTA V - When You Don't Pick The Right Weapon..Vine By: Pagekennedy
Expect The Unexpected Vine By: Scottysire
Sweet Talk Dance Vine By: Amymarie Gaertner
Who You Reppin? Vine By: Simone Shepherd
Just bought the new GRAND THEFT AUTO 5!!! Vine By: chris delia
SCARE CAM: Gorilla EditionVine By: Elton Castee
I probably will never get over this Vine By:1dxclusive #louistomlinson #onedirection
Chain smoking grandma goes off topic Vine By: Lance210
Random Dance Phase pt.4 Vine By: sionemaraschino
I love Adel Vine By: Marissa Mayne
This lady was straight up smokin a real cigarette like a BOSS ASS BITCH Vine By: Michael Dennis
Taylor Swift (feat. LeBron James) Vine By: Crossed Up
Simone Shepherd babysits the Trident Player Vine By: Trident Gum
Grand Theft Auto 5, the video game, came out today Vine By: Anthony Troli

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Best Vines Compilation September 2013
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The Best VINES Compilation

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