Witty tittle.. Grabbin' Feels.. We inst got a letter, we just got a , we iust a letterer peels here
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When you're the king of dicks, go big or go home.
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Lilly is best waifu.
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I got so many feels playing this ... jeez and i never got feels playing anything i'm a pussy now better go punch some puppies
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Explanation, please.
User avatar #6 to #2 - Nihatclodra (11/15/2012) [-]
Long story short, in the Visual Novel "Katawa Shoujo" the main character has a heart attack after getting asked out by a girl. Months later, this girl sends the main character a letter (the letter from the content): and on most routes, the Main character is too scared to read what it says.
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God damn it. God 			*******		 damn it.
God damn it. God ******* damn it.
User avatar #83 - misterbatman (11/16/2012) [+] (5 replies)
When you're holding Lilly's hand in the grocery store, Hanako is sitting in the library with tears in her eyes, as the soul-crushing loneliness closes in.

When you're feeding Rin an orange, Emi is visiting her father's grave and feeling so hurt, so alone, and she knows that she'll never have anyone to share her love with.

When you're looking up at the sky with Shizune, Misha is in her room sobbing, wondering why Hisao, the man she loves, is in love with her deaf bitch of a friend, the only friend she has.
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someone explain
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Katawa shoujo. main guy falls for a girl and visa versa then he gets a heart condition that makes him a pussy the rest of his life. she stopped visiting him in the hospital and sometime after he got out and is trying to get with some girl who is crippled he gets this letter from her and hes emotionally confused with it.
i should have put more effort into this but its better if you just play the game.
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rin's story made me cry more than hanako's.
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Mein feels have been put into overdrive.
I did a recording of hanako's arc for youtube, it's over ten hours long, and god damn.
them feels.
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