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User avatar #21 - Schultan (02/14/2013) [-]
yeah the library would be a good place to go when your father abuses you...jesus look at that big one on her thigh..
User avatar #23 to #21 - flybager (02/14/2013) [-]
It's fanart from some visual novel's character.
That character has Burns on the entire left side of her body.

Not giving you source because you really dont want to get into that same-old buisness.
User avatar #24 to #23 - flybager (02/14/2013) [-]
Make that right side, by the way.
User avatar #22 to #21 - kushkiller (02/14/2013) [-]
its a burn not a bruise
User avatar #29 to #22 - tehnoobpwnzor (02/14/2013) [-]
i like the katawa shoujo community if it were any other that guy above would have been downthumbed to oblivion for lack of knowledge. have i mentioned that i love the katawa shoujo community?
#32 to #29 - fluffyz (02/14/2013) [-]
We're a pretty tight-knit community here. We watch out for each other, and are always here to PROPERLY COMFORT each other, none of that Hisao method of comforting.
#44 to #32 - anon (02/14/2013) [-]
meh, i liked the hanako arc, but i much preferred the Lilly arc, i've just recently finished the schizune arc and thanks to that one i've lost interest... hey how did you guys like the emi arc, i'm thinking about doing that next just to finish it.
User avatar #56 to #44 - jegspiseroppkast (02/14/2013) [-]
I loved the Emi arc, she is not my kind of girl in any way, so I thought I would just finish it quickly. But holy hell I cried so much. Feels all over the place.
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