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#16 - silenthillgod (01/28/2013) [-]
i've heard so much about this anime thing i dont even know the name of it or what it's about but it seems a lot of people like it so can someone tell me the name or it and what this show is about
#25 to #16 - anon (01/28/2013) [-]
i was curious too an hour or so ago, it's apparently called katawa shoujo and it's about a guy who gets a heart defect so moves to a special hospital school and meets new people and may find romance, or at least the about section of the website said as much.
User avatar #18 to #16 - tippytiptip (01/28/2013) [-]
what code geass or katawa shoujo? the picture on the left is from katawa shoujo, its not a show its a virtual novel and its amazing, i'd definitely suggest playing it, its free for download just google it
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