Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio. Sources for the facts at . Colombian actress Sofia is naturally Honda, asked to dye hermain brown to appealling a more facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio

Colombian actress Sofia
is naturally
asked to dye hermain
brown to appealling a
more "typical" Latina
to wifi hot spots
When volunteers providing‘
I - foodie elderly and poor
I , people through the Meals on
W “J Wheels program began to
l ‘notice that people were
sharing their limited food
with their pets, an a
y t organization called '
was started to feed their pets}
A he commom
Monsanto created the town
of Sadat. Illinois in , so
it could build a factory in all
ii, town with low taxes and tax ii:
mutations. The town is new
home to a huge super/ imaj
The Grips street g qwas
originally formed as a
Neighbourhood Watch to
eliminate criminal gangs
by force
Dieto the decline in I':
r bees population, apple
farmers in China are
forced to pollinate every
blossom behind using _
on earth, The Gambia, is a
hotbed imafemale sex T
tourism. Wealthy older i
Euopean woman seeking out
P men isthe _
k ;;M: Kansas serial killer,
Killer, installed alanis as a
part of assjob, and many of
his clients had booked the
company's stop MK from
ever entering their homes,
unaware that BTK himself
was installing them '
A new birth control method for men
called has had a 100%
success rate in test subjects so far.
Developed by an Indian doctor. it
works similarly an off switch,
and would afford countless families
an incredibly
cheap method to control the size of
In 2001, when a Florida ham named Vance
his 'm* by the
arm he grabbed onto the shark and
wrestled the animal barehanded out of they
water, while others freed Jesse to shore. He
wrestled the shark ll] minutes
to keep itally hem otherworld mo. Then
they killerbee shark and pried item to
s severed
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