Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio. Sources for the facts available at . R: Helena Bonham Carter bardem of Matthew 3. Lewis( playing) Cyrille mi; ) wheo s facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio

R: Helena Bonham Carter
bardem of Matthew
3. Lewis( playing) Cyrille
mi; ) wheo she
MK stuck hereand in his ear
Zebulon I
Afghanistan and he sells
V kabobs r q
In 1995, Moore
offered a restaurant
T to sell her a 65 yearsold
lobster so she could return it
to the wild. Rush Limbaugh
than offered to eat
denied both ampersand kept
the lobster as a mascot
Kickass% toinen
cover imperfections on the
shears due to the harvesting
la methods when grown in the
Middle fast But of
Accordingly the US Flag
Cade' never
lac. be used as wearing apparel,
bedding, or drapery", and
No part ofthe
ever be used as a costume
Cockroaches can make
group decisions. During
studenten 50 cockroaches
were presented with 3
shelters that could only
house 40 of them, they split
evenly into two groups and
left one shelter empty
Aerial killerone cannibal
Richard Chase only broke into
unmeant he was unwelcome,
not he saw it
as an invitation's enter
Certain bears in Russia have
p" become addicted to sniffing
Jet Fuel outof discarded
barrels, going's far as
stalking helicopters tome
drops of fuel they leave
The barbar of a 1787 farewell partying( George Washington is still intact
According to the bill TTA [The Founding lath erll drank 54 bottles of Madeira.
60 bottles of dared 8 . 22 of porter, B of hard cider, l? of beer, and
7 bowls punch". The party had 55 attendees
Reinhold Messier climbed Mount
Everest. without oxygen. Climbed
7 Idegaf' )
3 The Mit time he lost his brother
process. Homo
climbed it again to become the
first person to solo climb it and
climbed it the third time to retrieve
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